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Students take down pro-life flag garden display

By Brielle Bryan
News Editor

Students engage in flag garden fight

On April 13, at approximately 11:30 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to the lawn in front of the Brower Student Center facing Green Hall on reports of criminal mischief. Upon arrival, three officers met with two female students. One of the female students said that a group she was part of set up a “graveyard” for their pro-life campaign on April 9. This graveyard consisted of pink and blue flags representing abortions that have been carried out in the state of New Jersey during the month of April, police said. The sign stated, “Graveyard of Innocents. Over 3,705 abortions in New Jersey this month alone.”

According to police reports, a group of individuals took the “graveyard” down on the night of April 12, and replaced it with a new flag garden and a new sign that stated, “This is a new flag garden representing the people here who believe you have the right to choose, to love, to protest. Hate has no home at TCNJ.”

Campus Police spoke to a staff member at the Brower Student Center who confirmed that the group that set up the original graveyard had that space reserved for their graveyard until April 16, police said. When Campus Police got confirmation that the individuals who created the new flag garden did not have permission to be using that space, they requested that dispatch call the grounds department to come remove the sign and flags. The grounds department had the flags taken down at approximately 12:15 p.m. on April 13, police said.

While back at Campus Police Headquarters, police received an email from one of the female students who took responsibility for the new flag garden. She insisted she had nothing to do with taking down the previous flag garden and stated the plan was to put their sign and flags next to the pro-life demonstration, but the space was empty prior to their arrival, police said. Due to the empty space, they set up their sign and flags in the same spot of the previous flag garden, according to police reports.

Fire drill in Townhouses South reveals pair of bongs

On April 5, at approximately 9:10 p.m., two Campus Police officers were at Townhouses South assisting with a scheduled fire drill when a community adviser alerted them to potential drugs and paraphernalia in one of the rooms, police said. The officers headed over to the suspected unit in Townhouses South and upon their arrival to the building they smelled a strong odor of what they believed to be marijuana.

The officers met with two CAs who both advised that they were doing their routine room checks when they opened the door to one of the rooms and observed what they believed to be a controlled dangerous substance and drug paraphernalia on the desk, police said. The officers looked into the room and observed two bongs and what appeared to be a plastic bag with a green substance.

Campus Police collected from the unit what they saw in plain sight on the desk — a glass bong, containing brown and green residue believed to be marijuana, with the words “Phsi psi” written in blue on a white label, a gravity bong made out of the bottom half of a three liter Poland Spring water bottle and the top half of a one liter water bottle with a socket attachment in the cap containing residue believed to be marijuana and a clear plastic resealable bag containing less than 50 grams of a leafy green substance believed to be marijuana, police said. All items were placed in a large evidence bag and secured in the back seat of a Campus Police vehicle until the fire drills were complete.

Once the fire drills were complete, Campus Police stood by the dorm to wait and see if the resident would return. The resident did not return to the room and Campus Police decided to return to Campus Police Headquarters with the evidence. The evidence was photographed, labeled and bagged, police said.

At approximately 10:50 p.m., Campus Police proceeded back to Townhouses South to the unit where they collected the evidence to attempt to make contact with the resident once again. Campus Police did not find the resident in his unit and decided to make contact with the resident at another date, police said. The offenses committed by the resident were possession of under 50 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Female student consumes too much vodka

On April 14, at 1:22 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Travers Hall on a report of an intoxicated female student. Upon arrival, the officer observed the student sitting upright on her bed, vomiting into a garbage can on her lap, police said. The student stated she had consumed “four or five vodka drinks” in her room. The student’s roommate was on scene and stated she was concerned about her friend’s well-being and notified the community adviser, who then contacted Campus Police.

According to police reports, Ewing Township EMS arrived on scene at approximately 1:35 a.m. and assessed the intoxicated student. The student refused medical transport to the hospital and was not issued a summons for underage consumption due to New Jersey’s 911 Lifeline Legislation.

Male student sent to hospital

On April 14, at approximately 7:30 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Lot 12 on a report of an intoxicated student. Upon arrival, two officers were met by a female student who reported finding a male student alone and intoxicated in Eickhoff Dining Hall, police said. The female student reported that she attempted to assist the intoxicated student back to his residence, however he was not feeling well enough to walk.

According to police reports, TCNJ EMS arrived on scene to evaluate the intoxicated student and deemed it necessary for an ambulance to transfer him to a hospital for additional medical evaluation. The intoxicated student complained of difficulty breathing and could not walk without assistance. Ewing Township EMS arrived on scene and transported the student to the hospital. One of the student’s professors followed the ambulance to accompany him to the hospital until his family was notified.

The intoxicated student stated that he was at a party off campus and could not disclose the location of the party, police said. He stated that he had “beers,” but could not recall how much he had to drink. He told police that he felt “stressed” and did not want to get into trouble.

He was assured that the police, EMS and faculty present were there to help and support him. The female student was thanked for contacting police and getting the intoxicated student assistance, police said. At this time, the intoxicated student will not be charged with underage drinking due to New Jersey’s 911 Lifeline Legislation.

Anyone with information can contact Campus Police at (609) 771-2345.


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