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Campus Style: Rainy Day Outfits

By Lexy Yulich

Due to the rainy weather, our campus has not seen its fair share of sunshine recently. Despite the dreary clouds, you can brighten your mood on rainy days with vibrant outfits. Here are several tips for dressing for the rainy weather that are comfortable, yet stylish and cheerful.

  1.     Wear yellow. There is a reason yellow rain boots have been popular in movies, TV shows and even on the runway for quite some time. When there is no sun out, yellow boots, or any yellow-colored clothes, emulate the sunshine. Yellow is an easy color to wear because it is generally paired with neutral colors. Pair a yellow sweater with black jeans and rain boots, or wear a neutral-colored outfit with yellow rain boots.
  2.     Baseball caps. If it is only misting outside, baseball caps can help keep your hair tame while adding style to your outfit. Pair your favorite hat with a cozy sweater or sweatshirt, leggings and either sneakers or rain boots.
  3.     Comfy dress. Maybe you need to dress up for a class presentation, or you don’t want to let the rain stop you from dressing up. Comfortable dresses such as shift and T-shirt dresses should be your go-to staple for rainy days. Pair a striped T-shirt dress with your favorite rain boots and a cardigan for a simple yet trendy rainy day outfit.
  4.     Fun printed umbrella. Who says umbrellas can’t be an accessory? There are plenty of stores such as Forever 21, Marshalls and H&M that sell printed umbrellas. I purchased a Dalmatian print umbrella last year, and it always puts a smile on my face. Fun umbrellas are not only useful for blocking the rain, but they also brighten up the mood when it is chilly and rainy.
  5.     Messy ponytails or buns. How many times have you straightened or curled your hair only to find out it’s raining? Sometimes the best hairstyle is one that embraces your natural hair. When it’s raining, your hair will likely get damp, and all the effort you put into styling it will go to waste. Put your hair in a messy ponytail or bun so it is away from your face but won’t get messed up in the rain.


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