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TCNJ SUCS show makes for ‘spooktacular’ evening

By Lara Becker

Seated comfortably on a wooden stool in the Library Auditorium, a plastic skeleton greeted students as they waited for the TCNJ Stand Up Comedy Society to take the stage on Sunday, Oct. 21. The student group’s Halloween show began at 8 p.m. with an introduction from performer Sean Delanoy, a senior interdisciplinary business major, who encouraged donations, prefaced the five acts to follow and got everyone in the Halloween spirit.

Delanoy discusses his mustache. (Meagan McDowell / Photo Editor)

Jason Thorpe, a sophomore history secondary education dual major, began the show in a referee costume, and talked about the downward spiral of the reputation of Halloween, from people dressing up as inanimate objects to the glorification of Halloween parties and everything in between.

Next up was Nick Zelte, a sophomore biology major, who started off by talking about how the first thing people notice about him is how tall he is.

“My mom is the statue of liberty and my dad is a microorganism, so I’m somewhere in the middle,” Zelte said.

John DiBrita, known to friends as JD, is a freshman history major who was performing with the group for the first time in a costume to make him look like a “Greaser.” He talked about some of his favorite historical moments, such as Australia’s Great Emu War, or as he liked to call it, “that one time Australia lost a war to a bunch of emus.”

He summed up his bit by saying, “these birds were smart, they had math or something.”

Delanoy was the fourth to perform. Setting the stage ablaze, he wore a fireman costume and commented on his mustache by simply saying, “Thanks, I grew it myself.” He talked about a wide range of topics, from the abnormalities of party themes in college to the mating rituals of animals in the wild.

Caitlyn Connelly, a junior interactive multimedia major and the president of TCNJ SUCS, was the fifth and final performer of the night. She was dressed as Paulie Bleeker from the 2007 film “Juno,” and told the audience about her love for the movie characters’ sexual fluidity.

She also channeled Halloween’s “spooky” vibes with some of her jokes.

“What’s a ghost’s favorite fruit?” she asked. “Booberies! Ah, I get it, you’ve already heard all the classics.”

What made this event quite special, however, was not just the skeleton on stage that the members of TCNJ SUCS fondly named “Dave,” but was also the support the performers had for each other for the duration of the night. As each student took the stage, his or her clubmates’ cheers emanated from the back of the room, and made every audience member feel a part of the magic.


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