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Percussion ensemble enthuses audience

By Ismail Hinds

The College’s Percussion Ensemble had its audience mesmerized as it performed an intriguing array of music that echoed through Mayo Concert Hall.

The College’s Percussion Ensemble performed on Friday, Nov. 30. William Trigg, an adjunct music instructor and the director of the percussion ensemble, conducted the group.

The ensemble started off by playing all the key instruments that the audience expected to hear in a short four-and-a-half minute piece. After the piece ended, the musicians set up a different stage for the new piece.

Trigg explained that they do this because “no two pieces have the same instrumentation or stage set.”

The stage change was like watching a musical sculpture being made. Isaiah Tomlin, a junior history major, mentioned that the stage change reminded him of a theater scene change. The scenery changes to fit a new act that would mold well with its surroundings.

The pieces were all very interesting and beautiful, although the audience especially seemed to enjoy the ending work, “El Cumbanchero,” which was a strong and fun piece to hear.

It was apparent by the audience members’ reactions that the show was worth mentioning to their families and friends. Of course, this is not to take away from the other pieces, which were just as enjoyable. Jason Miles, a senior math major at the college, who is also a percussion enthusiast, said that with each piece he felt as if his heartbeat was in rhythm with the notes.

The musicians all seemed to enjoy playing. One musician actively swayed to the beat with a big smile on her face, which was a testament to the power of music and the joy it can bring to people.

The talent of the players was evident in each piece they performed. The pieces each had at least seven different instruments, and many of the percussionists played multiple instruments. Certain instruments, such as the triangle, added a lot to the composition.


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