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Campus Style: Winter Fashion

By Danielle Silvia

With a new year and a fresh start to the semester, there is no better time to start implementing a brand new style. One of the biggest challenges I find during these winter months is trying to keep warm while also staying in style. Although I am someone who loves snowflakes and icicles, the cold weather forces me to wear layer upon layer and wind up looking – and feeling – like a marshmallow. After the holidays, there are plenty of ways to stay in the winter spirit and in style while keeping warm.

  1. Cable knit long boot socks. They not only keep your toes warm, but they also add some extra flare to your boots. These socks come in various colors and styles depending on where you find them, such as beige, brown, argyle or marble. The patterns should also vary depending on the boots you’re sporting. For example, I normally wear tan cable knit long boot socks with buttons lined up on the left and right sides of the boot, whereas with my black boots, I prefer a deep violet and wool-trim sock to crop around my knees. You can find them in-store or online at affordable prices, and they’re a great way to warm up your look.
  2. Stylish hats. Keeping your head warm is of utmost importance during the winter, as body heat can be quickly lost if you don’t properly protect your head. When temperatures drop, you can bump up your style with a cute hat. Hats are really wonderful during the winter because they can bring out your face shape and enhance whatever look you’re going for. A quality fur trapper – faux will do if your budget is tight – is a flattering way to showcase a fur winter coat or scarf. Another one of my current favorites is the wool wide brim hat because it keeps my face free and the wool keeps my head warm.
  3. Cardigans and belts. Drape, belt, layer and repeat. Simply stated, you can dazzle your outfit by opting for a draped cardigan. Dramatic shapes add flow to your outfit and keep your torso warm during the winter. You can add layers underneath the cardigan with tank tops, scarves or turtlenecks to create a multicolor or pattern effect. If you want to keep the cardigan closed, tie a cute belt around your waist. In terms of color, texture or pattern, a contrasting belt helps your outfit pop, which is just what these cold winter months crave.



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