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WTSR New Noise

This week, WTSR Music Director Brian Marino highlights some of the best new music that the College’s own radio station, 91.3 FM WTSR, puts into its weekly rotation.

Artist Name: Tirzah

Album Title: “Devotion”

Release Number: 1

Hailing From: London

Genre: Kaleidoscopic R&B

Label: Domino Recording Co. Ltd.

Tirzah’s “Devotion” has a gloomy yet uplifting tone and is all about being in love. Each song is different from the last, but they are similar enough to fit the simplistic aesthetic of the album. The title track ,“Devotion”, has a simple yet dramatic piano instrumental in the background while songs like “Do You Know” and “Gladly” have a dreamy electronic beat. In the past, Tirzah was popular in London clubs for her distinct dance-pop sound, but this album takes a more sophisticated quality of instrumental sound. This is definitely an album for someone overwhelmed from catching the love bug or being a hopeless romantic.

Must Hear: “Gladly”,“Devotion”, “Reach” and “Go Now”

Band Name: spesh

Album Name: “Famous World”

Release Number: 1

Hailing From: Seattle

Genre: Dazed Emo-Punk

Label: Killroom Records

This album nails the dazed punk sound. The vocals, soft and wispy, compliment the faded instrumentals. Although they have a guitar and a bass, the synth and the drums carry the instrumentals. They have a cast-away notion that  works with the pronunciation of the vocals. It’s something to put on when you want to chill to soft edgy beats.

Must Hear: “Teflon”,“Candy Legs” “Gorgeous” and “Orange Man”


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