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Campus Style: Hairstyle Guide

By Danielle Silvia

I always have outfits planned that I hope to sport to class, the gym or social events, but I also try to express my style through my hair and makeup. During these cold months spent inside, take advantage of the opportunity to learn new hairstyles and new tips and tricks for makeup. Here are some of my current favorites.

  1. Half-up half-down varieties. I have always been a fan of wearing my hair in a half-ponytail. I think it’s a causal style that you can easily put together but also jazz up for a special occasion. Typically, I’ll use a clip or a hair tie to divide my hair into two even layers. At this point, I sometimes leave my hair draping over my shoulders. However, I also enjoy braiding the upper region, especially in the fall and winter months, to add elegance. Curling the top and straightening the bottom is another variation of this hairstyle that I love. This is a great option for formals or dances because it looks formal and shows off multiple hairstyles.
  2. Barrettes. This is a really helpful tip if you’re having a rough hair day. There are so many times when I wake up and feel like my hair is all over the place. What I have found to be easy and flattering is to use barrettes or even bobby pins to clip layers of my hair off to the side. You can try to do a symmetrical look and clip off your hair in even sections off to both sides if that makes you more comfortable. You can also use light amounts of hairspray to keep your hair from falling.
  3. Layered eyeshadow. As someone with sensitive eyes and skin, I realize that makeup can be both a burden and a blessing. Something I find helpful is layering colors without going overboard. For example, if I’m wearing light colors, I’ll mix and match some pastels and start layering with the lightest colors near my eyelashes and going darker as I move up. This gives your eyes a beautiful reflection and is great for any occasion.


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