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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ continues at new network

By Brenden Edgeworth
Signal Contributor

First released in 2013, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” television series details the lives of a quirky group of detectives working for the New York Police Department. It has quickly risen to fame since then, with quoteworthy moments in every episode. However, that achievement was put into jeopardy when Fox was set to cancel the show following its fifth season in May of 2018.

After much fan support, NBC picked up the show for a sixth season, which premiered in early January. The shift in networks could have easily paved a bumpy road for the show’s creative process and, therefore, its standard of quality. Thankfully, it seems that the new season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is just as hilarious and fun as it’s ever been.

The series manages to stand out from the oversaturated market of comedic shows. It’s got brilliant writing, lovable characters and a genuine sense of chemistry that ties it all together.

The first episode, “Honeymoon,” kicks off with a nearly seamless transition with the two lead characters, Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), going to Mexico for their honeymoon while simultaneously trying to cheer up their police chief, Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher), who was recently denied a promotion.

The interactions between these three, as well as the hilarious antics of the emotionally-reserved Holt, are entertaining the whole way through. They also make me acknowledge how these characters have developed since prior seasons.

In the second episode, “Hitchcock and Scully,” audiences get an in-depth look at the veteran detectives that are generally considered to be the “joke characters” of the show. The contrast between their younger and current selves, as well as an event that kickstarts their dramatic change, gives a newfound appreciation for characters that some may have found aggravating.

The third episode, “The Tattler,” features Detective Santiago accompanying Peralta and their coworker, Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti), to their high school reunion. This episode is meant to set up Piretti’s departure in the next episode, and does an effective job demonstrating the chemistry she shares with Jake. We also get a few great moments with Santiago, as well as a hilarious side story with Captain Holt.

The most recent episode, “Four Movements,” shows us the payoff of last week’s episode. Linetti shares a special “Gina Moment” with other characters, and these scenes manage to strike a great balance between the comedic and emotional without ever feeling like it leans too much to either side.

Overall, the latest season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has shown nothing but promise and the change in networks hasn’t hindered its quality one bit. It may not be the most emotionally deep and complex show you can find, but there’s no denying that the show is full of quality and humor. The writing is great, the characters are very memorable and it strikes the perfect balance between serious and hilarious. If you haven’t given this show a chance  yet, I cannot recommend it enough.


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