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SG holds first meeting of semester

By Alexandra Shapiro
Staff Writer

Student Government welcomed Interim Vice President for the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Ivonne Cruz at the beginning of its meeting on Feb. 6.

Cruz claimed that the search for a permanent vice president will be happening throughout the spring semester. She also stressed the importance of being cognizant of all groups of people around campus.

Cruz speaks to SG about diversity and inclusion (Miguel Gonzalez / Photo Editor).

Cruz mentioned short term initiatives with which she is involved as vice president, including recognizing trends of inclusion at the College and being proactive in addressing future bias issues, which is where the Bias Response Team will come into play.

Cruz said that she is not only working on policy and programming, but she is also trying to change the entire campus culture.

Cruz realizes her initiatives are not easy and will take a lot of commitment. Along with her team in the OIDEI, she stated her readiness to set a foundation for a permanent vice president.

Members of SG were concerned that Cruz’s new initiatives might replace Title IX. Cruz responded by stating that the current policies of Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator Jordan Draper will be the same as they were before.

The OIDEI will be collaborating with Title IX to ensure the safety of students, according to Cruz. She also mentioned future plans to further implement training for faculty and staff.

SG also welcomed Lauren Bsales, the executive director of the Student Finance Board. Bsales came to the meeting with an update on the SFB budget, stating that since there is a surplus now allocated for the spring semester, clubs and organizations are encouraged to request funds for different events and activities.

“There is no written guideline from year to year,” Bsales said. “Baselines on what to use are set from past events and what has been spent in the past.”

SG introduced a resolution entitled, R-S2019-01. This resolution provides support for survivors of sexual violence and includes the current Title IX resolution, which will be discussed more in depth next week.

The resolution states, “Be it resolved: (SG) of TCNJ supports survivors of sexual violence and discrimination and seeks to promote policies that provide them with opportunities to seek justice and have access to a safe learning and living community.” SG will vote on the bill at its next meeting on Feb. 13.

Two vice president appointments were set for SG. Sophomore marketing major Sam Koch was named vice president of finance and administration, and senior finance and political science double major Justin Brach was named VP of governmental affairs.


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