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Series brings fresh music to recital stage

By Len La Rocca
Distribution Manager

Miguel Gonzalez / Photo Editor

Cheerful vocals, dancing piano melodies and blossoming talent rang at the weekly Tuesday Afternoon Recital Series on March 26 at 12:30 p.m. in Mayo Concert Hall.

A tuneful afternoon of sweet-sounding vocals in various languages graced the Mayo stage as students showcased their soothing musical skills.

“I really love seeing everyone’s progress and the work they put in,” said Keith So, a freshman music education major. “It’s a great environment. Everyone wants to see you do your best.”

First up was soprano Marissa Grasso, a sophomore music education major. She  performed an Italian song by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart titled, “Voi che sapete” (You who know). The joyous, upbeat tune along with gestures and an authentic-sounding accent gave the performance a sense of purpose and credibility that only a truly talented musician can establish.

Followed by Grasso was Ashley Krebs, a senior music education major, with her stunning silver flute and determined demeanor. She performed “Poem” by Charles T. Griffen. Her performance was an unfolding work of emotion as her deep, sinister flute playing filled the concert hall.

Tenor Joseph Ahn, a senior music education major, performed the French song, “En fermant les yeux” (When I close my eyes). Met with a lighthearted piano performance by staff collaborative pianist Stefani Watson, Ahn delivered powerfully deep yet delicate vocals that were met with roaring applause.

After the performance, Ahn expressed his gratitude to be able to perform at the recital.

“It’s always fun to show your peers and colleagues what you’ve been working on because we don’t really get time to perform for each other,” Ahn said.

Next up was Katherine Vilardi, a freshman music education major, performing “Solo de concours” on her clarinet. Her performance, which delivered a mysterious sound with rising and descending melodies, was complimented by the expertise of staff pianist Kathy Shanklin.

Following was mezzo-soprano Danielle Hecht, a freshman music education major, performing the German song, “Daphne, deine Rosenwangen,” which was followed by “The Lass from the Low Countree” by John Jacob Niles. Her somber performance was impassioned by lyrics such as,  “No one knows she loved him but herself and God.”

Last on the program was Erica Daughtery, a senior music education major, on the trumpet. She performed the upbeat tune, “Concerto In E-flat” by John Baptist Georg Neruda with the help of Shanklin’s fast-paced piano intro.

Daughtery’s epic performance concluded an afternoon of stellar live music. The audience was ecstatic to applaud the performers as they made their exits from the concert hall to congratulate the musicians on a job well done.

Fellow musician Giovanni Delgado, a freshman music education major, feels that the recitals improves with each show.

“Everytime I come and see these I can’t pick a favorite,” he said. “All of them are just breathtaking. Seeing people grow with a much fuller sound is really amazing.”


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