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Tuesday Recital brings afternoon of harmony

By Len La Rocca
Distribution Manager

Miguel Gonzalez / Photo Editor

As the weekly recital commenced, the audience hushed and spotlights beamed onto the Mayo Concert Hall stage. Blissful music began to play.

The college’s music students continued to shine at this week’s Tuesday Afternoon Recital Series on April 2 at 12:30 p.m. A refreshing mix of vocal melodies from different countries, as well as tuba and flute playing, made for an exhilarating and refreshing affair.

The show kicked off with a flurry of vocal excellence. Baritone David Koster, a freshman music education major, performed the German song “Auf dem Hugel sitz ich, spahend” (I sit on the hill, peering).

He continued with Roger Quilter’s “Go Lovely Rose,” toting sky-grazing vocals with electrifying riffs in his deep baritone style. He received a thunderous ovation, which also included many whistles and stomps. Koster put up two peace-signs with his hands as he walked offstage, which was a fitting conclusion to his harmonious performance.

Koster was ecstatic to perform for his peers and have his hard work recognized on the Mayo stage.

“It was awesome,” Koster said of his performance. “I enjoyed every second of it and the crowd was great. It was just great to have a moment where I’ve practiced for so long and it paid off.”

Next up was soprano Jade Neal, a sophomore music performance major, performing “The Mermaid’s Song” by Franz Joseph Haydn. “Follow, follow, follow me,” she sang with a  high-pitched crooning of the upbeat tune.

She continued with “Adieu” by Gabriel Faure, which was accompanied by staff pianist Stefani Watson.

Up next was Stephen Perry, a freshman music education major, performing a suite with his unaccompanied tuba. The elaborate instrument was larger-than-life as he took a seat, laid it atop his lap and created sonic entertainment.

The deep, rhythmic spurts that exuded from the instrument made for a nice change of pace, contrasting the lively vocal performances from earlier in the recital. As he concluded with a bow, the audience clapped with satisfaction at a job well done.

The grand finale was an ensemble rather than a solo performance. It consisted of a collaborative flute performance from Jessia Richter, a senior music education major, Ashley Krebs, a senior music education major, Caroline Hoynowski, a senior music major and Marissa Blackman, a senior music major.

The students performed Eugene Bozza’s “Tres Modere”  and equally contributed to its beautiful sound. Whether one flute played at a time or one played after another in various pitches, the collaborative effort stunned the crowd and concluded the recital series in an unconventional, breathtaking fashion.

Ryan Haupt, a freshman music education major and trombone player, was highly entertained by the vocal and flute performances.

“Personally, I enjoyed the flute choir the best and David Koster’s singing,” Haupt said. “It was nice to see all the flutes were seniors and graduating this year. It was nice to see them all get a chance to play together before leaving at the end of the year.”


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