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Band Night fills campus with captivating sounds

By Chelsie Derman
Staff Writer

Möbius Stripteas performed rock songs with bass guitars and drums (Julia Meehan / Photo Editor).

Musical groups at the College came together on Friday, Oct. 11 for Student Band Night – a lively night for both music and non-music majors.

In the Brower Student Center Room 225, two bands performed their music live for the awaiting guests.

The first band, All Things Brass And Beautiful, played trumpets as dancing arose from the crowd, proving they were moved by the performance. Playing popular songs like “Oops!… I Did It Again” by Britney Spears, the band took well-known songs and created captivating renditions.

Gaia Hutcheson, a sophomore music education major who played in the band, said that pop songs connect with a wider audience than the classic genre most music majors are accustomed to listening to in the classroom.

Moreover, organizer of the band, Joey Gibbs, a sophomore music education major, discussed how the band came together.

Gibbs felt inspired to perform for the music graduation last year. As a result, he formed a band with Hutcheson and Ryan Haupt, a sophomore music education major. The trio shared a common passion – music.

“I feel like a rock star,” Gibbs said. “I feel like a celebrity.”

Haupt also discussed why he enjoys playing music as a hobby.

“It’s something that’s universal,” Haupt said. “You don’t have to be a music major (to enjoy the songs).” 

The band also took the time to explain its black-and-white clothing. The men in the band wore all black, while the women wore all white. This decision was deliberate and planned to make a powerful statement.

“The white was to highlight and support females who play brass instruments,” Hutcheson said. 

In the male-dominated world of brass players, the band wanted to put emphasis on how women brass players are just as valued. 

“As (future) music teachers, we can encourage students to pick instruments,” Hutcheson said. 

Hutcheson explained that females do not have to gravitate toward the flute and clarinet, while males do not always have to pick the brass. 

“We don’t want to make (people) feel like they have to pick those instruments,” Hutcheson said. “It’s OK for them to choose what they’re drawn to.”

The second band, Möbius Stripteas, performed rock songs with bass guitars and drums. The band had two members present, both guitar players, leaving the drum player a substitute. With the sound flaring through the room, the audience’s mood only escalated, as the number of people dancing increased by the second. 

Keegan Stahl, a freshman international studies major and one of the band’s guitarists, explained how he borrowed his friend’s bass guitar until he bought his own and discovered what he loved. 

“I tried a bunch of other things and it practices so tedious, but it’s so much fun to play the bass guitar,” Keegan said. “It’s the one I really meshed with, I guess.”

Following the performance, audience members expressed their enjoyment with applause, while some wanted even more.

“I wished they played 17 more songs,” said Devon Almont, a junior psychology major.


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