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Lions’ Plate: Refreshing Kale Salad

By Elizabeth Casalnova

It’s officially the start of the spring semester, which for most means getting back into a healthy routine after all of the winter holidays. This salad is my go-to lunch on days I want to feel satisfied but not weighed down. Salads are so versatile and ingredients can be swapped to fit your taste. I didn’t like the taste of raw kale until I learned how to prepare it properly. Now it’s my favorite base for a salad, and it has more nutritional value than iceberg lettuce.

Chopped kale is the perfect salad base (Envato Elements).


-Kale, chopped
-½ cucumber, chopped
-½ bell pepper, chopped
-½ avocado, cubed
-¼ small red onion, diced
-¼ cup feta cheese crumbles
-¼ cup sliced almonds
-¼ cup of chickpeas
-A handful of cherry tomatoes
-Salt to taste


  1. Rinse the arugula and kale separately. Place the arugula in a large bowl. Sprinkle salt over rinsed kale and massage it in to ensure all of the kale is covered. Let it sit for about five minutes. 
  2. In the meantime, cut up the cucumber, bell pepper, red onion and avocado. Put it in the bowl with the arugula. 
  3. Dab the kale with paper towels to remove any excess moisture, then chop it into bite-sized pieces and add it into the salad mixture. 
  4. Finally, add in the feta, tomatoes, chickpeas and almonds, and mix until the salad is well combined. 
  5. Top it off with olive oil or a dressing of your choice, and enjoy!


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