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Trump and Twitter are an unfavorable duo

By Tyler Swartz

In only four years, President Donald Trump has managed to reform America’s entire political landscape.  What we once identified as politics under the Obama administration has been shunned — or, dare I say, no longer exists. Obama’s eight years weren’t exactly notorious for “compromise,” but it was surely more common. Today, politics are brutally merciless and a daunting question remains: What can we expect the U.S. to look like once Donald Trump exits office?

Trump’s tweets often receive criticism from other politicians (Envato Elements).

Politics in today’s world are completely unprecedented. Since the outset of Trump’s campaign, he has actively used Twitter to broadcast his message to the public, a previously unfamiliar strategy among politicians. But his method has its consequences, facing routine criticism from both aisles for his temperament. Trump’s attitude isn’t one that we’ve witnessed from any other president, and I can’t confidently say that we’ll see another president who will emulate his character.  

I don’t think that the use of Twitter in politics will entirely disappear once Trump leaves office. It can be rightfully assumed that the next president will use Twitter to advertise and campaign. While the next president would be wise to use social media, they would be smart to not use the platform to rebuke political opponents or “air out thoughts.” 

Trump’s social media use is widely unpopular (and for some, a reason not to vote Republican). If the next president uses Twitter like Trump has, it is probable that they will also be viewed unfavorably. Trump has unknowingly created the precedent that using social media as the main platform for political discourse is widely inappropriate, a mandate that the next President will hopefully follow.

The U.S. is at the forefront of political polarization. When Trump makes a post on Twitter — regardless of whether its contents are harmful or not — it’ll always be the headline on every major news network, and the Democrats will inevitably clash with the Republicans over the tweet. Whether or not you like Trump, it is obvious that his win has curated an even more polarized nation.

It is important to note that modern America — which is a polarized and separated nation— will be radically different in the near future. We can only hope that this polarization dissipates as the new generation takes command. America will not see another president who resembles Trump. Although these characteristics are not favorably viewed, his radical social media presence and openness is what makes him incredibly distinctive. 


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