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Monthly Archives: March, 2020

Classic Signals: Students share dorm with furry roommate

Although spring break is coming up, many students are too overwhelmed to even think about it. Between midterms, projects and mid-semester progress reports, this time of year is difficult for any student.

Student Band Night features alternative sound

Energy, enthusiasm and a mellow mood accompanied three passionate rock performances as each artist took the stage.

Foster introduces future plans for College

President Kathryn Foster’s plan is divided into three pillars: Diversify, Differentiate, and Matter More.

SG elects speaker; approves new write-in policy

Andrew Leynes and Matthew Wund, the chair and the vice-chair of the Committee on Faculty Affairs (CFA), attended the Student Government general body meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 26 to give a presentation on the College’s current policy when it comes to adjunct professor’s office hours.

Spring brings the best sport — baseball

Most people think of spring as a time for vacationing, relaxing and cleaning. But when the season approaches, there’s only one thing I think of — baseball.

The Chip: Planter’s ‘Baby Nut’ Wreaks Havoc on Small Arkansas Town

He’s cute, bite size and a menace to society. Not only is the reincarnate of Mr. Peanut bringing nut lovers of all shapes and sizes together, he is also single handedly destroying a small blue collar community in a suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas. Following the fatal death of the iconic Planters Peanut in January of 2020, this demon hellspawn is the result of uncontrolled consumerism and the glutinous amount of buffalo wings consumed each and every Super Bowl Sunday.

Introverts are misjudged, underestimated

The life of the party is a phrase that’s often used to describe extroverts. They’re people who appear to thrive in social settings and are perceived as friendly, outgoing and, many times, more likely to achieve success. Let’s face it — if someone were to tell you that you exemplified these traits, you’d probably take it as a compliment.

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