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‘Heartbreak Weather’ takes music lovers by storm

By Chelsie Derman
Reviews Editor

This period of quarantine has stripped our daily lives of normalcy and routine, bringing upon some inevitable boredom. Thankfully, Niall Horan’s new album was released at just the right time. Fans can immerse themselves in each song, providing a healthy distraction from stress and anxiety. 

Rousing die-hard One Direction fans, Horan delivered his second solo album, “Heartbreak Weather,” which illustrates the stages of searching for love. The album was released March 13.

Horan’s second solo album features an array of love songs (Instagram).

“Nice to Meet Ya,” “No Judgment” and “Put A Little Love On Me” were released as singles before the completion of the album. All three centered on the idea of love. Already, I had high hopes for this album, the three songs catchy and full of Horan’s talented voice.

“Nice to Meet Ya” focuses on Horan’s pursuit for an elusive love. This upbeat, catchy track centers on a night out when the girl Horan lays his eyes on keeps disappearing. Right away, the upbeat melody of this pop song captivated my attention and inclined me to click the replay button. The lines, “‘Cause when the morning comes, I know you won’t be there/ Every time I turn around, you disappear,” allows listeners to dive into the storyline and get hooked by the melody.

The title track, “Heartbreak Weather,” is one of my favorites. Instantly after the first listen, the lyrics and melody together made me love this song. “Heartbreak Weather” provides just enough melody and shares a relatable subject. “All of my life, I’ve been sleepwalk livin’/ Runnin’ around the same bars I’ve been in” emphasizes the confusing quality of love. 

In “Heartbreak Weather,” Horan uses the idea of storms and clouds to describe the ups and downs of relationships. He also uses weather to illustrate confusion.  In the bridge of the song, Horan sings, “Now, all the clouds been lifted,” demonstrating how after he found the right person, love became clearer.  

Some tracks, like “San Francisco” and “Still,” have a slower beat, and this diversity further adds to the overall strength of the album.

Immediately, the album “Heartbreak Weather,” pulled me in. Even as I write this review, the songs play over and over in the background. Every time I replay “Small Talk” and “New Angel,” I seem to enjoy them even more. 

While the first thing I noticed about Horan’s new songs was their catchy melodies, the album offers a lot more than that. If you dig below the appealing tunes, the steady theme of breakups remains consistent throughout the album. Horan put his soul into these lyrics, using personal experiences to craft words to put into melodious tunes. While some songs are more personal than others, each song delivers a powerful outlook on breakups.

If you are looking for new music to obsess over during this quarantine period, look no further — “Heartbreak Weather” will undoubtedly satisfy your boredom.


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