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Some good news: Thankful father gives back

By Kristen Hunt
Staff Writer

Father gets job at children’s hospital as a thank you for saving his daughter’s life

When his daughter was born with a congenital heart defect, Kevin Gibson spent weeks at a children’s hospital in Indiana — terrified she might not survive. But during the tough nights, staff members at the hospital were by his side. Now, with his daughter in good health, this dad decided to give back by working as a police officer at the hospital.

Baby Juniper Gibson was born in June of 2020 with aortic stenosis, a congenital heart defect that reduces blood flow. The condition put the two-month-old on life support for some time, eventually causing her to undergo heart surgery, according to NBC Today

Watching their daughter go through such intensive treatment was heart-wrenching for Kevin and Jennifer Gibson, who took turns spending nights at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis unsure if Juniper would survive.

Kevin Gibson would walk around the hospital at night (Envato Elements.)

According to NBC, Juniper’s father took walks around the hospital late at night when the machine noises added to his stress. The dad told the news platform that he often talked with the hospital security staff. 

“On stressful nights when the beeping and the machines would get to me, I’d go for walks around the hospital,” Gibson told NBC.

Gibson had a professional background in security, according to NBC, and often conversed with the officers about work experiences. The staff gave Gibson a sense of comfort and made him feel like his daughter was protected. 

Juniper is now a healthy eight-month-old, living at home with her twin sister, Jemma and two older brothers. Their parents thank Riley Hospital for Children for saving their daughter’s life.

After nursing Juniper back to health and providing comfort during difficult times, Gibson knew he wanted to give back to Riley Hospital for Children by applying as a police officer. He knew he wanted to provide support and guidance for parents that go through what he did. 

He now works at the hospital, serving to protect patients as well as parents.

“You’re literally helping people on the worst day of their lives and I get it. I’ve been there,” Gibson told NBC. “I see the same look on people’s faces that we had when we were there and I let them download on me.”

Through the pain and suffering he experienced with his daughter, and the support he received along the way, Gibson found his passion — giving back.


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