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Ungraded option offered by College for one class

By Len La Rocca
Managing Editor

Provost Jeffrey Osborn has accepted a recommendation from the Committee on Academic Programs (CAP) for an emergency spring 2021 ungraded option in light of the stressors on the backs of students due to the pandemic.

“Under this policy, students may choose one Spring 2021 course to appear as Ungraded on their transcripts, within certain limits and restrictions,” Osborn wrote in a campus-wide email.

The deadline for the Ungraded option is April 16 (Darby Van DeVeen / Photo Editor).

Certain courses are exempt from the option and are listed on the College’s website.

According to the policy, “Submission of the Ungraded Option form must be completed by April 16, 2021. Exceptional circumstances for submissions after that date will be handled on a case-by-case basis no later than May 7th, 2021 with requests.”

Students must submit the Ungraded Option Qualtrics form found on the College’s website. The site says the form will be posted “April 1 to April 16.”’

Osborn recommends that students meet with their advisors to decide if the ungraded option is the best decision for their situations.


CORRECTION: Earlier in the day, we ran a story on the Ungraded Option that was incorrect. Our previous story stated that the 2021 Spring Ungraded Option was only eligible for free elective courses. This is not the case for the Spring 2021 Ungraded Option. This false conclusion was drawn from the original Ungraded option from 2015 and was born out of haste. We took down the incorrect story with its corresponding social media posts as they were misleading students. We apologize for this situation, acknowledge the great responsibility we have as a source of information and will work more diligently going forward in order to effectively serve the campus community.


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