Sunday, August 1, 2021

Alyssa Gautieri

Student reflects on lack of affordable dining

After visiting my friends at other state colleges, I began to grow angry with the lack of affordable, local dining options in Ewing.

New student center an asset to campus community

With renovations finally completed, the College community has begun to take advantage of the student center’s many new features.

Students should embrace imperfection

I’ve learned to embrace the fact that my life can be messy, because I think that now is the time to not have it all figured out. If not now, then when?

Students should take advantage of outdoor study spots

Staring out the window at the shining sun and blooming flowers as you sit in a stuffy classroom with fluorescent lights and white walls — does this scene sound familiar?

Classic Signals: College promotes resources for sexual assault

The College hosts a variety of events throughout April in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month in order to continue the conversation about sexual assault and rape culture. The College discusses sexual assault and promotes its available resources in order to encourage survivors to come forward.

Classic Signals: Minorities lack representation

In 2002, students stood up to the Student Finance Board and Student Government, arguing that minorities were not equally represented in these organizations. Today, the campus is continuing its efforts to be both diverse and inclusive, however, some students still feel administration could do better.

Alumnae invoke social change after graduation

“What change do you want to make and how?”

Classic Signals: Students fight for jobs after graduation

In 2009, College officials noticed an increase in students pursuing postgraduate education, including those who enrolled in master's programs or took at least one additional course after getting their bachelor’s degree.

Classic Signals: Discrimination causes student to feel unsafe

After a homosexual student read “Die Faggot” on a flier delivered under his dorm room door in 2001, the student was concerned for his safety.

Classic Signals: The Singal spreads fake news

Every week, Features Editor Alyssa Gautieri hits the archives and finds old Signals that relate to current College topics and top stories. Every April, The...

Cannibals and comedy mix in ‘Santa Clarita Diet’

Aside from debating philosophical issues, the series also highlights the strong bonds between families as well as friends. After discovering that his wife needs human meat in order to survive, Joel willingly hunts for food alongside his high school sweetheart.

Are unpaid internships worth the hassle?

Prior to the start of my unpaid internship, I admit that I was a bit pessimistic.

Classic Signals: College reevaluates residence hall demolitions

In 2004, the College reported that Centennial Hall would be demolished within the year. While students expressed sentimental feelings, they were eager to see the old building replaced with an updated residence hall. The College also said Norsworthy Hall would be demolished in 2005.

Bookstore competes with ‘Noble’ prices

It may seem like the easiest option is always the cheapest, but staff at the College’s bookstore, Barnes & Noble in Campus Town, would tell you otherwise.

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