Monday, June 21, 2021

Elise Schoening

Sexual assault discussed at the College

It happens in college dorms. It happens in off-campus houses and fraternities. It happens to both men and women.

Undocumented immigrant becomes activist

Most of the seats in the Business Building Lounge were already filled on Tuesday, March 21, when a Rutgers-New Brunswick Law School student stepped to the front of the room to share her story.

Monologues discuss race and politics

Stitched on the shirt of one performer were the words “Black lives matter” in bold lettering. Another shirt read, “Danger: educated black woman.”

Making memories should mean more than giving gifts

When my supervisor approached our staff this week and asked if we would be interested in doing a Secret Santa, I was surprised to see one of my colleagues on the verge of tears.

Mitchell’s show: ‘All That’ students wanted

On Thursday, Nov. 19, Mitchell took a break from his packed schedule to perform a free comedy show for students at the College.

Classic Signals: Student scores second in ‘Jeopardy’

In 2005, one student made it onto “Jeopardy” and finished the televised game show in second place.

LGBTQ+ students react to Trump’s presidential victory

Members of the LGBTQ+ community on the College campus and across the country worried in the wake of the election that LGBTQ+ progress would be rolled back under a Trump and Mike Pence administration.

Classic Signals: Anti-Muslim chalkings found on campus

In September 2001, anti-Muslim chalkings were discovered outside of Townhouses East.

Classic Signals: Murder rocks campus

In 2004, a murder shook the College.

Classic Signals: T-Dubs less popular in the past

The dining hall is a staple of the freshman experience, although it saw a surprising decrease in business in 2004.

Classic Signals: Students unite against violence

The College’s efforts to curtail violence date back to 2001, when two professors brought the White Ribbon Campaign to campus.

NPR radio host discusses diversity

Born in Mexico City and raised in Chicago, Maria Hinojosa became the first Latino hired at NPR. Walking into the whitewashed newsroom was more nerve-wracking for Hinojosa than hitting the streets of the South Bronx in New York City to report on the heroin epidemic there.

Classic Signals: Take me to the coffee shop

Edith, then 87, worked for the College for 13 years.

Classic Signals: College rallies for cancer cause

Alpha Epsilon Phi fraternity commissioned a used car and held a “Destroy a Car Fundrasier” on campus.

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