October 25, 2020

Campus mourns loss of college freshman

March 3, 2020 Emmy Liederman 2

It didn’t take much to make Matt Palmer happy. His best friends will never forget one day in particular when he greeted them with an ear-to-ear grin on his face. They asked why he was smiling so hard, and his answer was simple — he had just gotten a haircut, and thought it looked pretty good.

At the College, adult students are overlooked

January 28, 2020 Emmy Liederman 0

Tim Reagan is a 42-year-old from Princeton, New Jersey, a father of three children and an education student at the College. After struggling to make ends meet and living paycheck to paycheck as a farmer, he decided it was time to go back to school. Reagan is now pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. […]

Professor reflects on Pulitzer-winning picture

March 13, 2019 Emmy Liederman 1

The photographer still isn’t sure how he survived. The bullets were an arm’s-length away. “I don’t know how I was missed,” said John Filo, an award-winning CBS photographer and adjunct professor at the College. “I always thought I should’ve been shot.” […]

Employees deserve recognition for hard work

March 5, 2019 Emmy Liederman 0

When I applied for a part-time job as a waitress at a local restaurant, I had no idea how involved my position would be. I like talking to people, have a solid memory and am always on my feet, so I was eager to start. Working in the restaurant business […]

Landmark Americana under fire

January 30, 2019 Emmy Liederman 0

On the night of the fatal Dec. 2 car accident that left the campus community in mourning, Landmark Americana security footage captured the driver staggering out of the bar in a drunken state while attempting to light a cigarette. […]

Racial tensions build on campus

December 4, 2018 Emmy Liederman 1

Within the past month, one student on campus was called various racial slurs from the third floor of Wolfe Hall and a building services employee encountered a racial slur while cleaning the Interactive Multimedia Building. […]

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