Thursday, August 5, 2021

George Tatoris

Mutants fight for survival in ‘Legion’

For me, a lot of the appeal with superhero comics is the way creators weave in the more ridiculous ideas from that tapestry into the story. These things complicate the comic on the surface, but at its core is a simple hero’s journey. Adaptations usually seem ashamed to touch on the ridiculous things in the comic book universe. Netflix doesn’t even put their heroes in spandex until the very last episode, if that. “Legion” is not afraid to dip its toes in the unusual and the absurd, while still being a superb superhero story.

Mardi Gras Masquerade brings NOLA to College

The smells and sounds of New Orleans — hot jambalaya and cool jazz — percolated the Decker Social Space on Wednesday, March 29, where the Alternative Break Club hosted its seventh annual Mardi Gras Masquerade.

Renowned physicist proposes more diversity in science

Gates shared this story at the second annual Barbara Meyers Pelson ’59 Lecture — entitled “Einstein v. Roberts, Diversity & Faculty Engagement” — on March 21 in Mayo Concert Hall. He was there to explain the importance of diversity in a science class.

Student blacksmith shares story

Everything happens for a reason. That’s what Daniel Lapidow, a senior career and community studies major, believes.

High school students shine in Poetry Out Loud

Poetry Out Loud is a nationwide poetry recitation competition that allows high school students to choose, memorize and recite poems to be graded by a panel of judges. It is currently in its 11th year.

Eickhoff serves students delicious biodiversity

The lack of biodiversity on our plates was the theme of the biology department’s campus-wide Tasting the Tree of Life event held on Feb. 28, which included a revamped Eickhoff Hall menu designed for diversity and a keynote lecturer in Mayo Concert Hall, botanist Nyree Zerega.

Students need to step outside of their comfort zones

Though I planned very little for the trip and barely knew the girl — and Italian even less — Milan became a life-defining moment for me.

Swimming pushes forth to top rankings at Nationals

The men’s swimming team thought it was over once senior Scott Vitabile touched the wall, but they were wrong. Both Vitabile and Massachusetts Institute of Technology junior Josh Tomazin touched the wall in the men’s 400-yard freestyle relay at 3:00.51, tying both teams for eighth place — the final spot to qualify for the finals. To determine a winner, the teams went head-to-head in a swim-off on the final day of the NCAA Division III National Swimming Championship.

Swimming teams trudge through stiff competition

The men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams raced, leapt and swam through over 40 events apiece at the Metropolitan Conference Championships held during the weekend of Friday, Feb. 17. For the men, it was a close meet, but they still had not accumulated enough points to outshine the Rowan University Profs.

Aspire High teaches eager middle schoolers about college life

Seventy students from Carteret, Franklin and Lakewood middle schools woke up early on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 10, for long bus ride into Ewing. The students were a part of the Aspire High Youth program, a nonprofit devoted to showing underprivileged youth aged 10 through 17 the many pathways to college available to them by visiting campuses across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Construction projects to last through summer

Campus construction has become an ubiquitous part of life at the College. From the fenced-off and refurbished Brower Student Center to the hollowed-out halls of the new STEM Building to the bare-windowed storefronts of Campus Town, the College seems to be under perpetual construction.

Students glean insight into antibiotic resistance

Antibiotic resistance was the topic of the biology department’s first Colloquium seminar this semester. Alita Miller, head of biology at Entasis Therapeutics, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca that focuses on the early stages of drug development, spoke to students and faculty about her research on Friday, Jan. 27, in room 101 of the Physics Building.

Lack of students freezes Campus Town business

Every year is the same. December comes around and finals week hits, the air grows colder, the nights longer and each day another cluster of students escape to the warmth of their homes, leaving an increasingly empty campus behind them. It’s higher education in hibernation.

Department of Arts and Communication gets a new dean

Maurice Hall, the current chairperson of the Department of Communication at Villanova University, spent two days in Ewing, N.J., for his interview for the position of Dean of the Arts and Communication at the College.

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