Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Jack Meyers

Penis drawn, public urine

Campus Police were dispatched to the rear entrance lobby of Wolfe Hall on a report of criminal mischief on Monday, Sept. 2. When Campus Police arrived, they observed three penises drawn in black marker, and the letters “T, B” on the doors of the rear entrance. College Facilities was called to remove the crude imagery.

New VP on the block

Every student at the College was once a stranger here.  Every student was once unsure of his or her place on campus, unsure...

20 shots in 20 minutes

A victim reported the theft of several items from his car that had been parked on the second level of Lot 7 on Monday, Aug. 26 at 3:55 p.m. Items included a black iPod classic, a white iPod charger, a black FM transmitter and miscellaneous change totalling over $50 in value, according to Campus Police. The victim reported that all items were in plain view around the center console while the car was left unlocked and unattended for three hours. There was nothing further to report.

What happened in Ewing this summer

Even though final exams had most College students scurrying back to their families for summer vacation, Ewing Township has had some new developments. Check out what has been going on in the area since May:

Purse and power tools among summer’s steals

A theft and fraudulent debit card charge at the Library was reported on Tuesday, July 9 to Campus Police.

College IT staff to campus: be proactive against cyber threats

Since September 2012, the College’s Information Technology security staff has been working on a plan to protect the campus from the ultimate invisible threat — computer hackers.

Summer class students go the extra mile to learn

During the summer, a college student might expect to be hanging out on a beach somewhere, maybe reading a book, most likely sipping some fruity drinks — or at least enjoying the sun on a porch or a roof.

Waste on campus, staff works to educate

Between work, friends, food and everything else piling up on a student’s plate, saving the environment typically gets tossed in the trash.

‘Us vs. them:’ an undiminished rivalry

Sarah Lewis was right in her recent opinion piece; if we are to help the socially disadvantaged, it is those in power who must learn to change.

News Analysis: Where immigration is debated, terrorism should not be

The debate over the current state of immigration law in America has plagued legislators and activists for many years. The Immigration and Nationality Act was implemented in 1952 to be a one-stop comprehensive body of laws related to movement across U.S. borders. However, even years later, states have proposed new laws further restricting entry in America.

Weighing waste for Earth Day

On Monday, April 22 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., TCNJ Dining Services staff set up a table in front of the dish receptacle in the Eickhoff Atrium where they took wasted food from students’ plates and measured the amount in pounds collected after the lunch hour. Amount to be released today (Tuesday).

Rap stars live up to fan expectations

An audience of students and locals fused ear drums with booming speakers as artists Mac Miller and Big Sean took the stage for the College’s 2013 Spring Concert on Friday, April 12.

Cop Shop: Student throws fire extinguisher through window

During the Spring Concert on Friday, April 12, 11 students and locals were transported to local hospitals for alcohol-related health issues and 12 summonses were issued for underage drinking, according to Campus Police.

YouTube sensation motivates campus

One amputee and cancer-survivor-made-YouTube-persona goes beyond what is normally expected of a motivational speaker. Josh Sundquist spoke at an that was event sponsored by SAF and hosted by the Sophomore Class Council in the Brower Student Center Food Court on Thursday, March 28 at 8 p.m. With almost 150,000 YouTube subscribers and over 17,000,000 views on his channel, he has built up his career by speaking on college campuses and reminding students the importance of treating people kindly, regardless of their differences.

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