Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Jack Meyers

College plans to improve local economy

Often in the local environment, the value that businesses and nonprofit organizations contribute to the community is beyond measure. In fact, without community organizers or the revenue and jobs that businesses provide, growth would be impossible.

Value exhibit adds to more than just art

On Wednesday, March 20 at 4 p.m. in the Arts and Interactive Multimedia Building, an interdisciplinary mix of experts that came together to contemplate the concept of value in art, business and life.

Terrorism may be easier to pinpoint than it is to explain

Terrorism is a violent and sometimes coercive form of action. However, groups involved in “terrorist” activities, according to some nations, are assigned a legitimate political party status by others, as is the case with the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Laptop larceny and pools of vomit abound

On Saturday, Feb. 23 at 8:25 p.m., Campus Police were called to an off campus house where a student discovered that his living room...

Women hope to evade a seemingly inevitable fate in the drug trade

‘Susy’ advocates during the Sinaloa Woman beauty contest for women escaping an inevitable fate in the drug trade.

A look into Ewing, relations with College, Value and growth in Ewing

As Ewing Township sits between Trenton, the state’s capital, and Princeton, an intellect-driven, high-culture college town, its value often gets lost in translation.

News Analysis: The Palestinian Nation

Palestinians often are caught between the fire of U.N.-recognized terrorist group Hamas and the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization), both of which are struggling, within Israel, to gain an independent state for the Palestinian people.

Politics Forum – Feminist Politics in the Wake of the Islamic Revival

The push for, and preservation of, women’s rights in the Muslim world is not as simple as some may think. Nadia Guessous, Mellon Fellow at...

Ewing Board of Health discusses flu; approves College professor as health supervisor

Ewing Board of Health meeting highlights the flu shot process.

Art exhibit bridges together disciplines

Two artists who lived more than 100 years apart were brought together this past Wednesday night by a common theme — exploration into, and portrayal of, the human condition.

Welcome Back Concert

There’s something about the up-tempo rhythms, harsh guitar riffs and airy vocals that keep an audience warm and satisfied through the cold weather. While it snowed on Friday, Jan. 25, bands Circa Survive and Maps & Atlases played for students at the College Union Board’s Welcome Back Concert.

Why is it important to vote?

It is quite remarkable the similarities between getting into college and being elected as President. The process is similarly arduous, and only the most able and achieved (in theory) get rewarded.

William Beckett brings a rousing performance

Longtime fans were tweeting zealous remarks, recording videos, sharing laughter and shameful vices of celebrity obsession and belting lyrics at competing vocal levels with the performers on stage. If there was any question to be asked Friday night at the College Union Board’s Rathskeller show, it was this: Who came for whom?

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