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Cop Shop: Student throws fire extinguisher through window

Two male students reported to Campus Police that they noticed missing property from their house in Townhouse West at 10:15 p.m. on Tuesday, April 9. After leaving the area at 10 p.m., the two students returned to find that their X-Box with two controllers valued at $80, a black 18”-20” television worth $20 and a Madden 2012 video game worth $40 were all stolen.  After noticing that the items were gone, the students asked other residents, but all parties were unaware of any suspicious activity.  The victims could not provide any serial numbers for the stolen property.  Campus Police informed the victims to contact the Campus Police Department should any new information become available.

A male student was found covered in residue in Lot 9 when Campus Police were dispatched on report of a 911 call at 10:18 p.m. on Friday, April 12. The caller explained that they had seen smoke and heard four loud bangs on the premises. Once Campus Police had examined the site, it was determined that a fire extinguisher had been thrown through a first floor safety glass window, causing the noise and smoke. While Campus Police were canvassing the area, they discovered a male student hiding in the second floor stairwell. Campus Police asked the student if he would like to speak with the officers, and the student responded with “I didn’t do it.” An officer asked in response, “You didn’t do what?” and the student, pointing to the broken window, said, “That.”  After being unable to produce information on the location of his vehicle or where his keys were, screaming obscenities, and refusing to explain himself, the student was arrested.  The accused was given a summons for criminal mischief, improper behavior and disorderly conduct.

All Campus Police patrols were dispatched at 11:36 p.m. to Lot 8 on Friday, April 12 on report of a male driver fleeing by foot after backing into a parked vehicle. After the accident, the driver was told by security officers to wait on the scene, but he ignored orders. Once Campus Police came into contact with the accused, he was placed in hand cuffs and arrested.  The driver was given a summons for careless driving and for obstructing the administration of law by not stopping for security officers after a motor vehicle accident.

During the Spring Concert on Friday, April 12, 11 students and locals were transported to local hospitals for alcohol-related health issues and 12 summonses were issued for underage drinking, according to Campus Police.  Most of those transported were sent to Capitol Health in Hopewell, while others were sent to both Robert Wood Johnson in Hamilton and St. Francis in Trenton.

A female student reported a missing yellow and purple bike with brown front basket and pink bell on the right handle from the bike rack in front of Decker Hall on Saturday, April 13 at 4 p.m.  The student reported that she had parked her bike there five hours earlier, but was unable to secure it because her black alphabetical bike lock had been removed from the same spot on April 3. After asking other residents of Decker, it appeared that no other bikes had been stolen from that rack and that there was no suspicious activity. The student was unable to provide the bike’s brand, model or serial number as it had been a gift. Campus Police advised her to contact the party who gave the gift to find out that information.


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