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Jane Bowden

Classic Signals: College denies university programs

It’s hard to imagine this institution as anything but a college, but in a February 2002 issue of The Signal, a reporter wrote about rumors of the College becoming a university and why the administration said that would never happen.

Classic Signals: Students donate gift of life at blood drive

Between balancing school, work and extracurricular activities, students might find it difficult to volunteer their time to help their neighboring communities through clubs like Habitat for Humanity and Student United Way.

NAACP advocates for minorities

With over 150 clubs and organizations, there are many opportunities for students at the College to become involved on campus and within their community. The College’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, an organization many do not even know exists, provides a community for many students of color on campus.

Students should be sensitive to mental illness

I thought I knew what mental disorders looked like for most of my life. Anxiety was like what I had seen in movies –– panicked hyperventilation that could only be quenched by breathing in and out of a brown paper bag. An eating disorder was what I had seen in TV shows ––

Classic Signals: Students identify signs of eating disorders

In a February 2003 issue of The Signal, a reporter wrote about an event titled, “Understanding and Helping Somebody with an Eating Disorder.” The presentation educated students on the signs of an eating disorder and how to help someone who is suffering.

Classic Signals: Dorm decor contest sparks creativity

With spring season just around the corner, students often feel inspired to clean out their closets and rearrange the decorations in their room for a change of scenery. In a March 1998 issue of The Signal, a reporter wrote that

Classic Signals: College changes sign to promote inclusion

During the construction of what is now the R. Barbara Gitenstein Library in Nov. of 2004, a freshman at the College noticed that the construction company’s artistic rendition of the new library failed to feature minority students in the piece. After presenting

Classic Signals: Cold temperatures leave students frozen

Last week, a chilling polar vortex hit the country with below-zero temperatures, causing students to bundle up head-to-toe with every layer they own or to skip class altogether while keeping warm with hot chocolate.

Weather conditions freeze campus activity

It’s the kind of cold that taps its icy claws on your bedroom window before you’ve even unraveled from your blanket cocoon, the kind that dyes exposed skin crimson

Classic Signals: Victim’s family advocates for designated drivers

In light of last semester’s car accident involving students at the College, community members have been avid in fighting against drunk driving.

‘Bubble’ installation bursts with creativity

“(Bubble) proposes a vision for the viewer to consider,” Mahalchick said. “We are currently in a very politically divided moment in American history, a time that asks us to consider who we are as a country and as individuals, to consider who is on the outside and who is on the inside, a time to examine the borders, who and what creates them and whether or not we can overcome them.”

Queen rules rock and roll era

“Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Are the Champions,” “We Will Rock You,” “Another One Bites the Dust” — these are just a few songs that transform even the shyest of people into full blown stage performers.

Senior exhibits evoke themes of introspection

The student exhibits of senior fine arts majors Cara Giddens and Carly Englander introduced universal themes of intrusive thoughts and long-distance relationships through thought-provoking mediums of painted clay shaped to look like black ooze and a live performance.

Students win $10,000 in sales contest

A team of six business students won first place in AT&T’s National Sales Competition in Dallas on Oct. 19. The team beat out 30 other highly-competitive schools, winning scholarship money, professional opportunities and a $10,000 check toward the College’s School of Business.

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