Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Jillian Greene

Campus Style: New York Fashion Week

Always filled with competitive designers, funky clothes and the latest trends, this highly-anticipated showcase turns many heads.

Campus Style: Fashion comes full circle

By Jillian Greene Columnist       Although the laid-back summer attitudes may have come to an end with the start of the new semester, the summer outfits...

Campus Style: Back to basics

Sometimes, the simplest outfits come across as the most elegant, classy and most importantly, comfortable.

Campus Style: Back to school

Every trip to the mall, Nordstrom Rack or trendy and chic boutique in Red Bank, N.J., was really just an excuse for stocking up on some back-to-school clothes.

Campus Style: Outlets vs. department stores

For those struggling to find that new summer dress at the mall, be aware that there are better options from higher end stores at bargain prices.

Campus Style: Amanda Valentin

Check out the latest fashion trends on campus.

Campus Style: Spring Break

See the latest spring fashion trends.

Campus Style: Winter Storm Jonas

Winter Storm Jonas brought many things to a halt, including the College’s first day of classes. Delayed one day thanks to spokesman Dave Muha’s trusty emails, students celebrated the first snow day of the year. Still, Jonas did some real damage to people’s outfits.

Campus Style

By Jillian Greene Columnist Wherever you are, stop and look around. From Campus Town to Decker Hall, students are dressed in some contradictory get-ups. I can...

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