Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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College counters racial intolerance

In light of the recent racial incidents that have occurred on campus, the administration has addressed feedback and questions from the community regarding what actions will be taken to better manage any future instances of racism and discrimination.

‘Dialogue Day’ promotes awareness of campus diversity

The Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion hosted “Campus Dialogue Day” on Nov. 14 in the Brower Student Center. The discussion touched on topics such as universal inclusion and implicit bias in the campus community.

College responds to incident of racism

College president Kathryn A. Foster released an email emphasizing the need for inclusion and diversity on campus on Saturday, Nov. 17.

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ cashes out in cultural film

This film is a meet-the-family romantic comedy with an Asian flair. (Photo from the movie's official Twitter page)

Panelists address need for education reform

The conversation panel “Making America White Again: Borders, Brown Bodies and the Politics of Hate,” invited guest speakers to address controversial social and political issues in the Education Building Room 115 on Thursday, Feb. 22.

Office of Student Diversity seeks to promote inclusivity

Various social movements, campaigns and trends on campus throughout the years have strained the College’s relationship with diversity and promotion of inclusion.

SG should foster inclusion

On Jan. 24, Student Government debated and ultimately voted down a bill that would have amended our constitution to define a “smart casual” dress code — a step below business casual, and two steps below our unofficial, de facto, business professional dress code. The bill’s intention was to make SG more accessible to those who may not own or cannot afford professional wear.

Racist post leads to tcnj.snap shutdown

Whether students were traveling across the country or enjoying a much-needed winter break at home, the College’s unofficial Snapchat account, tcnj.snap, was uncharacteristically quiet. The yearly “TCNJ Takes” photos of students in exotic locations were gone, and they may never return.

College hosts first Critical Conversations event of semester

The Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion held its first Critical Conversations session on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

College appoints new director of diversity and inclusion

The College has appointed Dr. Don Trahan Jr. to be the director of the newly established Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion within the Division of Student Affairs.

Muslim panel answers anonymous questions

“I don’t feel oppressed. I feel liberated.”

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