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Education department reflects on the obstacles of pandemic teaching

Dr. Suzzane McCotter, the dean of the School of Education, has been at the College for almost four years. Over the past year, she has been making decisions she never thought would have to make. 

College isn’t everyone’s path, and that’s okay

Elementary school, high school, college, job; it’s the oldest life sequence in the book, and one laid out for me for as long as I can remember.

Professors voice opinions on virtual learning

When sociology professor at the College Diane Bates reflected on her experience teaching an online class at another institution prior to quarantine, she recalled finding many red flags in the process.

Your 4.0 won’t change the world — your curiosity will

“To learn” is a broad term — we can learn in a classroom, at a job or an internship, or from a friend. It is meant to challenge our thinking and make us smarter, but throughout many cultures and societies, learning has gone from a process to a formula.

Students should find joy in learning

One of the most difficult challenges I had to overcome was my predisposition that whatever a student learns in college, there must be an end goal; a firm reason for each class you take and how it will benefit you in acquiring the “dream” job, as well as having the idyllic career so many yearn for.

MONEY Magazine ranks College’s value

Among the annual college rankings, it’s not uncommon to see the College’s name stand out. In MONEY Magazine’s recent “Best Colleges for Your Money” rankings, which was published on Aug. 12, the College ranked 48th overall in the nation for colleges with the best value.

Armstrong Hall closes for extensive renovations

In an email sent out on Jan. 15, Steven Schreiner, the dean of the School of Engineering, announced that Armstrong Hall has closed for renovations for the 2019 calendar year.

Parents’ role critical in developing childrens’ math skills

The department of psychology sponsored a lecture titled “Understanding Difficulties with Math in Early Childhood” on Oct. 30 in the Social Sciences Building Room 105.   

Students should not take their education for granted

“Enjoy your college years – they only last so long.”

American schools should prioritize bilingualism

In elementary school, I remember struggling to learn my times tables and memorize the names of state capitals. I spent first grade in Hoboken, New Jersey where Spanish was the first language of most of my peers. I listened to my friends speak effortlessly to their parents, and wondered if I would ever be able to understand.

Course registration cause for concern

A week before my course enrollment time slot, I logged into PAWS to check on class selections for the fall semester and my heart immediately dropped — a core class for my public health major had no seats left in both sections.

Educators undervalued in American society

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach” is an age-old devaluing misrepresentation of the men and women who devote their lives to education.

Vital Signs: Get screened for STIs

While sex education is required in New Jersey high schools, students may find that one marking period of their gym teacher showing movies about teen pregnancy did not provide enough information.

College lacks affordable healthy dining options

Despite the plethora of cafés, stands and micro-restaurants on the College’s campus, finding a fresh meal that goes beyond being simply edible is a challenge for some students.

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