Friday, May 7, 2021
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Search for missing workers continues after glacier burst in India

By Sarah AdamoCorrespondent Just after midnight on Monday, Feb. 8, over 171 people went missing in northern India when an avalanche of water and debris...

Environmental groups at TCNJ strive for change

Dr. Miriam Shakow’s Anthology 246 class is different from an average college course. Instead of the focus on studying, tests and homework, students learn to get active and make a difference in campaigns that tackle major environmental problems. 

College provides update on recycling process

Over the past few years, global warming and environmental change have been at the forefront of many political conversations. Most experts agree that the Earth’s temperature is rising — a phenomenon that could ultimately put human life at risk.

Pedestrian safety should be prioritized in Ewing

An average of 4,700 pedestrians die and 66,000 are injured every year. This statistic implies a fairly obvious societal and personal cost of human death and suffering, but there is also a significant, although less obvious, environmental cost –– this statistic deters forms of transportation that are lower impact, such as walking, riding a bike, skateboarding or using a scooter.

Princeton student promotes environmental change

After President Donald Trump appointed multiple climate change skeptics to his Cabinet, Jonathan Lu, a senior computer science major at Princeton University, knew he had a duty to advocate for change. Instead of just raising awareness on Princeton’s campus, Lu was determined to make waves on a national level.

Activist gives three lectures on agricultural initiatives, food security

Internationally known scientist and activist Vandana Shiva came to the College on Thursday, April 12 to hold three lectures from 11 a.m. to 6:20 p.m. in the Education Building Room 212 and the Mayo Concert Hall.

Bee population dwindling at alarming rate

Imagine if bees went extinct due to individuals and companies underestimating the complexity of the environment. It’s already happening, and there needs to be more awareness of the bees’ precarious situation.

China burns more coal than previously believed

China has been burning up to 17 percent more coal each year than what they have reported.

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