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Relying on coffee, junk food may affect exam performance

If you’re asking college students, there is no question that finals season is one of the most stressful times. Long research papers, nerve-wracking presentations and weeks of studying crammed into just a few days can do a number on even the most committed scholars.

Vital Signs: What’s the tea with matcha?

Before heading to your classes, you may desire a delicious dash of caffeine from drinks like coffee or tea. Some people are fans of green tea (which has great nutritional benefits, according to Heathline), but recently, the caffeine craze is centered around matcha. What’s the tea with matcha? Here are the benefits of this trendy and healthy drink.

Vital Signs: How to create healthier eating habits while living on campus

We’ve all been there — frantically rushing from class to a club meeting, always telling ourselves that we will grab a bite to eat once everything from the to-do list is completed. But with these simple tips, you will take on your diet more mindfully and feel good at the same time.

Vital Signs: Healthier ways to order coffee

Let’s be real here — transitioning from fun in the sun to cramming for exams is the perfect excuse for a caffeine pick-me-up. After all, according to a recent study on Clinical Nutrition, 79 percent of college students drink the popular beverage to stay awake, making coffee seemingly the best solution for late-night study sessions.

Lions Plate: Pasta with Vegetables

I started my Instagram blog, @anythingbutramen, to inspire people to eat healthy foods.

Lions Plate: Cauliflower Veggie Rice

Cauliflower has become a trendy ingredient used to cut carbs, but maximize flavor and flare.

Lions Plate: Healthy Snack Alternatives

If you’re drowning in Carte Blanche points and guilt from eating T-Dubs’ fries, you are not alone.

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