October 20, 2020

Vital Signs: How to combat insomnia

February 24, 2020 Victoria Giardina 0

Two things come to mind when you hear the word “insomnia” on campus: the delectably warm cookies from Campus Town’s treasured dessert hub or the not-so-great feeling of getting two, maybe three, hours of sleep before a full day of classes. The National Institute of Health states that up to 60 percent of college students suffer from the burden of sleepless nights, of which almost 10 percent have characteristics of insomnia disorder. If you’re feeling extra sleepy, try these tips to fix your schedule and get back on track. […]

Vital Signs: What’s the tea with matcha?

February 17, 2020 Victoria Giardina 0

Before heading to your classes, you may desire a delicious dash of caffeine from drinks like coffee or tea. Some people are fans of green tea (which has great nutritional benefits, according to Heathline), but recently, the caffeine craze is centered around matcha. What’s the tea with matcha? Here are the benefits of this trendy and healthy drink. […]

Vital Signs: College cuisine

February 12, 2020 Victoria Giardina 0

With so many papers, exams and extracurricular activities, it may seem like you have to rush to squeeze in something to eat during a 10-minute break. And you can only eat a grilled chicken salad so many days in a row. […]

Vital Signs: Tips for a mindful semester

January 27, 2020 Victoria Giardina 0

As the new semester begins, most of us are ready to take on our new schedules. But when our music is on full blast on the way to class, we fail to be fully present. We often lack appreciation for the beautiful campus we call home. And, according to a study by the Journal of Media Education, 97 percent of college students are distracted by their phones and other electronic devices. […]

Vital Signs: Fighting off the flu season

December 3, 2019 Victoria Giardina 0

Let’s face it — even if we don’t want it to be, it’s flu season. As college students, we most certainly do not want to catch ourselves with a box of tissues in one hand and medicine in the other. To give your immune system an extra boost, here are three health-happy foods to finish off the semester strong. […]

Vital Signs: Students need self-care

October 30, 2019 Victoria Giardina 0

Self-care — you’ve heard the term before, but have you considered trying to make the idea come to fruition? It’s far more than getting pampered at a spa — it starts with your inner self. Here are three self-care tactics you can employ as the fall semester progresses. […]

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