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Vital Signs: Fighting off the flu season

By Victoria Giardina

Let’s face it — even if we don’t want it to be, it’s flu season. As college students, we most certainly do not want to catch ourselves with a box of tissues in one hand and medicine in the other. To give your immune system an extra boost, here are three health-happy foods to finish off the semester strong.

Citrus Fruits

Yes, citrus fruits are a great source of adding to your daily fruit and veggie count, according to CBS News, but they are also an excellent source of vitamin C — a chief vitamin in building up your immune system.

Fruits, vegetables and nuts help to boost immune systems in time for the winter (Envato Elements).

Vitamin C also helps increase the number of your body’s white blood cells, which is crucial to fighting infections. If you are looking to shield yourself from sickness this semester, reach for grapefruit, oranges and tangerines, which will help your immune system, according to Healthline. For an extra boost, you can infuse lemon or lime into your water to incorporate more citrus into your diet.


This food may not seem like it can spike your wellness, but it has properties that can trigger an immune system boost. According to WebMD, mushrooms include riboflavin and niacin — B vitamins that can lead to a severe flu if you are low in them. Incorporate mushrooms into your salads at the main dining hall or even opt for this healthy helper on your hamburgers.

Almonds and Mixed Nuts

Reach for trail mix before heading to the gym, because eating almonds can pack your body with healthful immune boosters. Almonds, which have vitamin E, contain rich antioxidants, according to VeryWellHealth. Top your oatmeal or acai bowls with almonds — and even peanut butter, which also contains vitamin E — for a nutrient-dense meal.


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