October 31, 2020

Vital Signs: Students need self-care

By Victoria Giardina 

Self-care — you’ve heard the term before, but have you considered trying to make the idea come to fruition? It’s far more than getting pampered at a spa — it starts with your inner self. Here are three self-care tactics you can employ as the fall semester progresses.

Making time to socialize in the college can prevent burnout (Flikr.)


Journaling is one of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day. There are so many different types of perfectly bound journals at Barnes & Noble in Campus Town. From journaling your thoughts to writing poetry and listing memories and goals, you will be glad that you took a few minutes to slow down after a whirlwind of a day.


Meditation isn’t just for yoga professionals and relaxation experts — you can practice being in tune with your best self right from the comfort of your dorm. According to a 2012 National Institute of Health study, where researchers compared brain images from 50 individuals who practiced meditation and 50 individuals who did not, the simple practice promoted healthy behaviors and improved focus. So what are you waiting for? There are so many online resources for mediation to start your self-care journey for a happier and healthier self.

Plan a Night with Friends

As a college student, you’re most likely in the process of juggling midterms, essays and a bunch of other work. However, setting aside a night where you can go out with friends (or host a dinner party at home) will provide some time to relax and enjoy conversations with people you love. Prioritizing socialization can also prevent burnout, which the World Health Organization recently classified as an official medical diagnosis

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