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Has Biden lived up to his immigration campaign promises?

By Octavia FelicianoCorrespondent With hope sparked by the election of President Joe Biden, migrants from South America are making their way to the U.S.’s southern...

LALDEF advocates for local immigrants

The Bonner El Centro Team organized an informative presentation on immigration and how it has evolved over the past decade on April 17 at 1 p.m. in the Education Building Room 113.

Americans should welcome all refugees

“The glistening bright sun had just peeped out of the horizon and birds chirped in exuberance when all of a sudden I heard the vociferous piercing sound of bullets. Fear was flashing as fast as lightning in my veins and there was absolutely no time to think about anything but to flee from our hometown Lahore and escape death.

Immigrants deserve respect

On Tuesday, August 21, 20-year-old University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbets was found dead after she was missing for more than a month.

Fictional media effectively addresses global issues

Immigration is a complicated but important topic to discuss. There is no one right answer that would make everyone happy, but there are plenty of wrong ways to handle it. In the same vein, the way immigration is handled in media needs to accurately highlight the experiences of people who go through the process.

Syrian refugees seek safety in the US

Before the end of his term as Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie told former President Barack Obama that the state would no longer accept any more refugees from Syria. Christie’s reasoning was that these refugees will bring “unacceptable peril” to New Jersey and U.S. citizens. But the dangerous people that many Americans fear will sneak into the U.S. are the same people these refugees are fleeing from.

Undocumented immigrant becomes activist

Most of the seats in the Business Building Lounge were already filled on Tuesday, March 21, when a Rutgers-New Brunswick Law School student stepped to the front of the room to share her story.

Wave of ICE raids strikes fear in immigrant communities

At least 683 people living in the country illegally have been detained or deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement following a wave of raids and arrests.

Federal government halts Trump’s travel ban

President Donald Trump’s travel ban has been suspended.

Trump prohibits entry to US from several Middle Eastern nations

President Donald Trump passed an executive order on Jan. 27 that created stricter entry to the United States among travelers and immigrants, particularly among those traveling to and from predominantly Muslim countries.

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