Sunday, May 16, 2021
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Professors voice opinions on virtual learning

When sociology professor at the College Diane Bates reflected on her experience teaching an online class at another institution prior to quarantine, she recalled finding many red flags in the process.

Your 4.0 won’t change the world — your curiosity will

“To learn” is a broad term — we can learn in a classroom, at a job or an internship, or from a friend. It is meant to challenge our thinking and make us smarter, but throughout many cultures and societies, learning has gone from a process to a formula.

Students should find joy in learning

One of the most difficult challenges I had to overcome was my predisposition that whatever a student learns in college, there must be an end goal; a firm reason for each class you take and how it will benefit you in acquiring the “dream” job, as well as having the idyllic career so many yearn for.

Editor-in-Chief reflects on her time at The Signal

Imagine a journalism major attending a college without a newspaper or any other media organizations. Unfortunately, that illogical hypothetical was my reality until I transferred to the College in the Spring 2014 semester.

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