Sunday, June 13, 2021
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TMT brings popular film to life

“Little Shop” is a mix of drama, romance, comedy and adventure that creates one terrifying treat. Mr. Mushnik’s plant shop is financially failing, but when a plant appears and is captured after a solar eclipse, business begins to boom again as the plant grows. However, it appears that human blood is the only thing that satisfies the plant’s, Audrey II, hunger, and Seymour, a shop worker who falls for fellow worker Audrey, work together to save themselves from the blood sucking plant while keeping the business blossoming.

Redd pens third ‘Love Letter’ to fans

With this latest full-length project, we can bear witness to the aftermath of Redd’s public heartbreak and the music that inspired it as he jumps back-and-forth between desperately craving the company of his former lover and wishing her good riddance.

Students should not give up on romance

My favorite film is “5 to 7,” a romance movie starring the late actor Anton Yelchin. He plays a young American journalist in New York who falls for a married French woman who he is only allowed to see from the hours of —?you guessed it — 5 to 7.

Netflix romantic comedy depicts tale of young love

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” gives us hope that even if we may have never had a boyfriend, it’s not because we’re undesirable –– it’s just that we haven’t yet met our Peter Kavinsky, who will be the one to tell us we were never second best.

Professor hosts book launch party to fund Womanspace

An alumna and adjunct professor of counselor education at the College proudly shared a glimpse of her lifelong battle with anxiety at her book launch party and fundraiser for Womanspace at Piccolo Pronto in Campus Town on Friday, March 23.

Creative outlets serve as an escape for stress

While the word — work — might be in the definition of creativity, through personal experiences I can say that being creative is a type of work that is therapy for the soul.

Dreams don’t always hold deeper meanings

Do dreams have a deeper meaning, or am I just dreaming?

Celebritease: Love and heartbreak in Hollywood

With a lot less pressure on his shoulders during MLB opening day, Alex Rodriguez strolled around New York City on Sunday, April 2, as the Yankees took the field in Florida.

Students celebrate Valentine’s Day across campus

Love was booming across campus on Valentine's Day among lovers, roommates and friends as flowers were sold in Eickhoff Hall, people danced in dorms and some were serenaded.

INK celebrates Valentine’s Day with poetry and coffee

Usually a spot to study in-between classes, the Bliss Hall Lounge transformed into an intimate space for writers, readers and performers on Friday, Feb. 10, for INK’s annual open mic Valentine’s Day Coffeehouse.

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