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Redd pens third ‘Love Letter’ to fans

By Len La Rocca

Amid an ambient melody and genuinely brokenhearted lyrics, one thing was certain — the third installment of “A Love Letter to You” was already in the works.

Quickly following singer/rapper Trippie Redd’s recent full-length album release of “Life’s A Trip” this past summer, “A Love Letter To You 3,” released Nov. 9, has captivated the ears of its listeners. This album marks the third installment of his album trilogy. Love letters one and two were both released last year and, while the tone of the third installment has changed since following its two predecessors, it is still reminiscent of the ugly sides of love and the pain that accompanies rejected vulnerability.

It wasn’t long after the rapper’s messy and public breakup until snippets of his fresh music to begin popping up on social media.

With this latest full-length project, we can bear witness to the aftermath of Redd’s public heartbreak and the music that inspired it as he jumps back-and-forth between desperately craving the company of his former lover and wishing her good riddance.

Redd’s fans often accused his former girlfriend Ayleks of using the rapper to help boost her own publicity. She walked away from the relationship with 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

The track “Toxic Waste” reveals more of her fickle love. He describes needing his ex’s fair weather friendship, which he has the self-awareness to acknowledge as unhealthy and toxic. As he describes the conflict, the melody grows more complex, which reflects his emotional distress and his desperation to craft it for his own benefit.

The track “Can’t Love” is a perfect example of Trippie’s confliction with newfound heartbreak and how quickly his former lover appears to be healing.

This theme become apparent in light of his ex’s appearance in an Instagram video with controversial, rainbow-headed rapper and long-time rival of Trippie Redd, 6ix9ine. With this in mind, this track is especially timely in its message.

“How could you do this to me/I thought you…I thought you loved me,” Redd beautifully harmonized in seemingly heart-clenching fashion.

In “Luv Scars 3,” his pain and vocal talent converge as a climax in the tale of tragedy. The song is the third follow-up of Redd’s breakout hit, “Luv Scars,” which was released last year on his debut album, “Love Letter To You.” Here he boasts his vocal ability to its proper limits, unlike in his previous projects.

This is the vocal quality listeners have patiently anticipated hearing from Redd on his last album to no avail. A constant critique of Redd’s unique voice was that he would be straining his voice to lengths beyond compatibility to the track. The mixes and instrumental production on this album easily stand tall amongst Redd’s entire discography.

His timeshare between rapping and singing compliments every track Redd graces such as “Negative Energy” where he totes a remorseless tone and aggression towards his enemies. Lighter cuts genuinely even out the rapping and alpha-male aggression such as “I Tried Loving” where his vocals peak on the project in harmony rather than an annoyance.

It has finally arrived in the form of this passion-fueled compilation of emotional highs, lows, boasts and desperate cries.

The project featured several notable features such as Tory Lanez, YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Juice Wrld, who all tout their own distinct sounds on delicately crafted tracks like “Diamond Minds,” “Elevate & Motivate” and “999/1400 freestyle” respectively.

“A Love Letter To You 3” is Redd’s most sonically cohesive project of the 19-year-old’s career so far. The album was the highest Spotify-streamed project in the U.S. during the week of its release, totaling over 108 million streams as well as boasting his highest charting thus far. That being said, the album’s stunning reception does not cure or distract from the hurting that the artist is currently experiencing and pouring out to fans.


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