October 25, 2020

Justified hesitation: why we should not return to campus for spring

October 24, 2020 McKenzie Collins 0

As a student who graduated high school amidst a global pandemic, thus losing the cherished staples of secondary education such as senior trips, graduation ceremonies and proms, being able to finally attend college would be a dream come true. Learning that my academic career would be further delayed was devastating, as it was for many others — but it was not without reason. […]

Meal-kit HelloFresh presents more inconvenience than benefits for single users

October 19, 2020 Natalie Notaro 0

As a junior at the College, I have spent the past few months navigating through the off-campus lifestyle. Having lived in Wolfe Hall my freshman year and Cromwell Hall my sophomore year, I have yet to be as independent as I am in my off-campus house. Living in a house presents many new responsibilities, such as cleaning my own bathroom, taking out my trash and cooking my own meals. […]

Voting always matters: not just during each presidential election

October 19, 2020 Nancy Bowne 0

I never thought I would be getting daily reminders from Discord and Instagram to check my voter registration. Considering I have been registered since the beginning of freshman year, I knew that I would want to check and update my status just to be safe. After all, I thought I was fully registered this time last year, and it turns out my absentee ballot never made it to Wolfe Hall. […]