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OPINION: President Foster’s email creates a sense of optimism within the campus community

On March 12th, President Foster’s follow-up email regarding Covid cases on campus brought a hopeful message to students. After over a year in lockdown, many students have begun to feel trapped with a routine that involves sitting in front of a computer screen for the majority of the day.

OPINION: Unethical Senators within Trump’s impeachment trial

The Senators in the impeachment trial did not behave in the court of law as they should have.

GME stock fiasco is the last straw for working class America

By Seva GalantCorrespondent Time and time again, the American government has failed its people. It is often siding with cronies and corporations while ignoring the...

Study groups are a tool to engage in remote classrooms

I took an Intro to Linguistics course during the spring 2020 semester. As part of our final grade, our professor organized the class into groups for our “mandatory fourth hour lab study period.” I remember thinking it was silly and unnecessary. Besides, I had always preferred to study alone and did not think a study group would just result in a ranting circle of procrastination.

Be considerate, wear a mask

Imagine you go into the grocery store without a mask. You think to yourself that you are young and healthy, and that wearing a mask is a nuisance. While in line to check out, the stranger in front of you has diabetes, and you are exposing them to germs you may be unaware of. You never know the full story of the people around you or the stories of their family members, so it is crucial to wear a mask.

Now more than ever, our country depends on it: we must vote

News organizations and social media platforms have been flooded in the last few months with articles about the upcoming election — and for good reason. Now more than ever, Americans must head to polls, send in mail-in ballots and make an effort to participate in the 2020 presidential election.

Letter from William Green Plantation Committee on recent controversy

"We are aware of the concerns about the Green Plantation. We want to state up front that our group is formed of faculty across a number of departments and is committed to raising awareness about slavery in the northeast. Our intention has always been and is to recover and highlight the lives of formerly enslaved individuals that may have been trafficked through this region."

False expectations plague college experience

It’s easy to fall into the trap of having high expectations for the long-awaited four years of college. I remember being a freshman in high school and hearing my upperclassmen friends excitedly talk about which schools they were applying to as they counted down to graduation.

Armed forces face hardship in romantic relationships

Though I wish I could, I’d be naive to argue that all military marriages are for love. I want to be a hopeless romantic and say that every marriage in the world

People should not be afraid of emotions

Richard Miller Opinions Editor From a young age, our parents tell us “don’t cry” and “there’s nothing to be sad about.” We’re taught...

Childhood surroundings shouldn’t define people

We may be past the years of racial segregation, but perhaps there the new classism is the idea of neighborhood separation. Many individuals ask themselves what makes up their identity. Is it their culture? Ethnicity?

Reality television fails to represent minority groups

Since its inception, reality television has been controversial. The genre claims to be representative of real life, but how can that be if the programs are accurately representing everyone? In the past year, more than ever, there has been a discussion of racial discrimination amongst the genre.

Government should be less strict about substance laws

As the status of the legality of marijuana and other illegal substances grows and the war on drugs continues, it is important for us as a nation to take a step back and ask ourselves a simple question — Why are all three branches of government so adamant about repressing the exchange of illegal drugs?

Society needs to stop romanticizing mental disorders

Having a mental illness is not a good thing. This should be a clear and self-explanatory statement.

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