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Personal trip costs lowered

After debate over the personal contributions of several conference requests, SFB approved a total of $5,512 in student trips.

SFB passed three such applications with $1,404 for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), $2,654 for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and $1,454 for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

On each application, SFB amended the money each traveler would pay to attend the respective conferences.

NSBE will send seven students on March 19 through 23 to the 26th Annual National NSBE Conference in Anaheim, Calif.

The event will serve as a chance to network and develop leadership skills, club members said.

The club planned to pay for a portion of the $3,328 total cost by having each attendee pay $275, an amount SFB said was too high.

“No student should have to contribute that much,” Craig Ross, SFB director of communications, said.

“Even $150 is a lot,” Janelle Williams, SFB Assistant Chairperson, said.

NSBE members said they plan to recoup those moneys through fundraising, particularly through a party the group will help sponsor on Feb. 22, with DJ Ice spinning.

The party begins 9 p.m. in the student center and will have a $5 admission.

SAE will send 15 students to the SAE National Mini-Baja East Competition, April 4 through 6 in Orlando, Fla.

At the conference, the College’s SAE chapter will compete against other institutions in events that include the building of an automobile.

In previous years, the College beat out Lehigh and Villanova universities, among others, to win second place.

SFB members said SAE’s application for the trip should have included a higher personal contribution from each member. SAE estimated the trip’s total cost at $4,153.

The personal contribution rose to $100 per attendee, SFB ruled, because the $10 the group requested was too low.

“This goes back to the NSBE issue,” Ross said.

“We have one group paying $275 and another paying ten? I think the personal contribution in this case should be higher,” Ross added.

ASME will send 15 students to a conference and competition called the Solar Splash Regatta from June 18 to 23 in Buffalo, N.Y.

While there, the students will enter their solar-powered boat in a race.

The group requested $1,754, but only $1,454 was approved. SFB requested each attendee contribute $20.

Members from all three groups said they were happy with the SFB funding they received.

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