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Blizzard shuts down campus dining halls

The President’s Day Blizzard closed down two of the College’s four main dining halls last Monday.

Due to the State-of-Emergency, only Eickhoff Hall, which was closed from 3:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m., was opened to students.

“In instances, such as (the blizzard), our Number One commitment is to get Eickhoff up and running,” Joe Ganci, resident district manager for Sodexho, the College’s food service provider, said.

“I made the decision to close the facility from 3-6,” Ganci added. “At that time, we could not make anymore food. We had to clean up. We had to restock. We only had six people, who were doing everything they could, but they couldn’t do everything at once.”

According to Ganci, over 90 percent of Sodexho employees rely on public transportation, meaning that, in a State-of-Emergency, the majority of employees are unable to get to work.

On the President’s Day Blizzard, only six people were able to make it to the College.

“We had three managers here who never went home. They stayed here for three days straight,” Ganci said.

Ganci said that Sodexho handled the lack of employees by “paring down what we offer.” “We have enough food to serve everyone for a week,” Ganci said. Ganci said that being unable to open the dining halls hurts everyone involved.

“We lose business, (students) are unhappy,” Ganci said. “We make sure we get in here. We make sure we get the doors open and I think we did pretty well for what we had to work with.”

According to Courtney Ashe, junior secondary education/history major, “it was a pain in the ass, but I live above Commons, so it could have been worse.”

“I was impressed that all managers down there were cooking. The fact that we had food at all was definitely positive,” she added.


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