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Senior Week funding approved

Nearly 100 percent of funds requested this week were granted, in a change of pace from previous weeks when the board cut proposals by more than half.

Members unanimously voted to give the Student Government Association (SGA) $39,390 to help fund Senior Week, a three-day celebration that follows graduation and is open to the senior class.

SGA senior class representatives said they were surprised at the number of seniors who signed up this year, about 50 percent of the entire class.

Senior class President Karen Martin said the increased enrollment coupled with a focus on more security and non-alcoholic events made this year’s celebration more costly than last year.

The total cost of Senior Week, according to the SGA application, is $109,809.

After the $39,390 provided by the board each participating senior pays $125 admission, which funds most of the itinerary, including a dance and a trip to Great Adventure theme park.

Another application was for Weekend Enhancement Funds, which are specifically for weekend events held on-campus.

TCNJ Swing, a student club devoted to swing dancing, asked the SFB to fund $1,213 of the price for a swing dance.

The casual event, which would be the first TCNJ Swing dance in two years, will include dance lessons and light refreshments.

After debating the portion of the club’s application for publicity costs, SFB decided $300 for publicity was still reasonable and approved it without amendments, 11-1-0.

SFB also approved 100 percent of the Irish American Club’s request for Special Appropriations funds for a string of St. Patrick’s Day events this week.

The Irish American Club held a Monday seminar on Irish stereotypes, with James Mullin, president of the Irish Famine Curriculum Committee.

Monday, a viewing of “Zombie,” a hit song in the 1990s by The Cranberries, was held in the Social Science Building from 2 – 3 p.m.

IA will discussed the song’s imagery, depicting a car bombing in Northern Ireland, which killed a civilian boy.

As the final event in the club’s St. Patrick’s celebration, the Irish American Club and the College Union Board co-sponsored a performance by the Irish rock band Black 47, at 5 p.m. on Tuesday at the Rathskellar.

SFB unanimously approved IA request for $1,005 of Special Appropriations funds, after little debate and much praise.

“I think we should really, really support any type of cultural week,” Oriana Nadraga, director of External Relations, said.


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