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Sunshine laws permit SGA privacy

On Wednesday, Feb. 25, SGA went into closed session, meaning that the public was not given permission to attend.

According to President Chris Portera, the organization discussed personnel issues.

Under Sunshine Laws, SGA is not obligated to elaborate about what went on at the meeting.

Sunshine Laws are regulations that allow public inquiry into government affairs. Such laws also apply to student governments, such as the College’s SGA.

Under N.J.’s Sunshine Laws, the public has the right to attend and record government meetings.

Information discussed at these meetings is required to go on file as public records, which are able to be inspected or copied by any person.

There are certain circumstances in which the public is not guaranteed these rights.

During meetings where termination, employment, the safety of the public or contract negotiations are discussed, public access is not guaranteed.

Meetings involving personal business, such as an individual’s treatment, are also a situation where an organization, which chooses to exclude the public, are also not subjected to Sunshine laws.

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