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Morality can be just as hellish as war

This is about morality and its pervasive, erroneous influence on the current world situation. I come to you as an individual. I speak out against both warmongers and peace activists alike, for their continual deception and misleading of the public with their wretched points of view, all under the guise of so-called morality and virtues.

I do not align myself with any group, either for or against war. Morality is a sickness and a severe weakness to all those who accept its principles as true. The moral lifestyles of the overwhelming majority of humankind have effectively stupefied us to the point of near insurmountable ignorance.

One thing is for certain: evil, badness and sin are all necessary elements to each and every political system in existence today. All moral concepts are designed to prevent humanity from evolving, growing and thinking. This is to prevent us from questioning the very political institutions that govern our lives.

Without evil, without badness, without morality, why else is there a need for any political system, and those in positions of authority within those systems? Moral concepts such as evil and badness are perceived as absolutes, as great constants of life and human nature – very much out of our control, but somehow within the control of the “high priests” of our political systems.

As the insightful philosopher Nietzsche puts it, man “must suffer . and he must suffer so much that he is always in need of the priest.”

Our leaders create systems of suffering and stress to cloud our minds and shield us from truth and knowledge. To aspire to be a “good” individual, and to live life according to some prescribed, absolute moral system, is degenerate to your own happiness and the evolution of humankind. Quite simply, life is about power, control and nothing else.

Politicians will have us believe that life is about good and evil, right and wrong, while the whole time reveling in the complacence of nine-tenths of humanity. Every single one of us, myself included, is an idiot . we are too stupid, too insipid, too ignorant, too pathetic and much too weak-willed to stand up for ourselves.

We cannot stand up against the self-gratifying games that politicians play, these ruthless dictators that rule the world, from Bush, to Hussein, to bin Laden, to Blair, to Jong-Il.

Peace activists protest war in the name of love, peace, happiness and stability. These are the very same moral fantasies that politicians campaign for. Both sides point the finger at each other, ignorant of their shared sickly moral principles.

I desire truth, not convention. I have cheated, I have stolen and I have lied. I have purposely inflicted pain on others and used them to my own advantage, while the whole time taking great pleasure in doing so. I am extremely prone to error, mostly by actions manifested through my petty, animalistic passions and desires.

Most importantly, I am selfish and totally self-absorbed. But I am human above all, and I am no different in nature than any one of you. The only difference between you and I is that I am willing to see what most of you are unwilling to see: your own self.

Life is constantly changing and we must constantly struggle with life and with others in order to evolve, to learn and to grow. Most individuals today desire stability, happiness vvcccc and stagnation.

To believe that any one of us will ever attain a higher state of moral harmony, peace or happiness is mental suicide.

Life is struggle, life is random and life is chaos.


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