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There was no rush to see Rushdie

Let’s review the events that have taken place in Kendall Hall over the last few weeks. First, we had Ben Folds, singing to a sold-out audience. Then there was Mystique of the East, a parade of hard-working students, again in front of a sold-out crowd.

Last Thursday, Kendall’s stage was graced with one of the greatest, and most controversial, literary minds of our time, Salman Rushdie. Yet, unlike Folds and Mystique, many seats remained empty.

Why was this? Tickets for Folds were three times the price of those for Rushdie, so that certainly wasn’t a factor.

And Rushdie’s talk was an hour and a half long, half the amount of time that Mystique was on stage.

This is not to say that Folds and Mystique didn’t deserve to fill Kendall. They most certainly did. Folds is a great musical talent and it is very important to support the events held by student organizations. But Rushdie deserved to be sold out as well.

For only $5, every student at the College had the opportunity to hear him talk. While off-campus audience members paid $35, students were admitted for almost nothing.

As students at the College, we are given many opportunities we would otherwise not encounter. Incredible speakers come to campus to lecture and to share their experiences with us.

And, as young men and women who are part of a learning environment, we should show up en mass to hear what people like Rushdie have to say.

When will any of us have these opportunities again? When we graduate and move on to the corporate world, these opportunities will not arise as often. Speakers, like Rushdie, who influenced the history of the world, will not be lecturing in the boardroom.

Take advantage of every lecture that is on campus. Concerts are fun, and it is wonderful to support your friends, but the College works hard to bring us a touch of culture.

Expand your world. Even if you are not an English major, you may still find yourself influenced by the words of a man such as Rushdie.

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