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Phi Beta Lambda sent to Dallas on next year’s budget

SFB granted the first conference request from next year’s operating budget last week, giving $7,586 of the requested $12,315 to Future Business Leaders – Phi Beta Lambda (PBL).

The annual National Leadership Conference, will be held late June in Dallas, Tex.

PBL applied to send 20 students to the conference. SFB lowered the amount to $9,315 after cutting the costs for one graduating senior.

Jared Bruenig, SFB director of communications, said SFB is not in the habit of sending so many people to the same conference.

“I think this might be one of those rare occasions when it’s O.K. to send this many,” Bruenig said.

At past conferences, the College’s PBL chapter took home awards.

“Sending them does enhance the reputation of the school,” Bruenig said, “but if we send four or five students, it defeats the purpose and is more for their personal gain, not the glory of the school.”

SFB also broke from its tradition of not funding honor societies when it gave Alpha Psi Omega (APO), the theater honor sociey, $100 for guest speakers.

“We normally don’t hear requests from honor societies or other exclusive clubs because such groups aren’t open to all students,” Craig Gross, SFB chairperson, said.

But since APO is open to all students, the board heard its request, and granted funds unanimously.

The board also approved an $810 request for Men’s and Women’s Rugby Senior Day, which includes food, prizes, a disc jockey and an alumni game.

SFB granted the requested total, provided that the prizes’ raffles were free and open only to students.

After Gross told rugby representatives of the stipulation, the teams decided to withdraw its request for prize money, freeing itself to charge anyone for raffle tickets.

Without the $160 for prize money, the May 3 event’s final funding is $650.

The Inter-Greek Council members received $880 for Greek Pride Week events. Members will spend $710 for food for a weekend barbecue.

A request left over from a previous meeting returned after Club Volleyball revised it.

SFB gave Club Volleyball $540, voting 9-0-0.

The original request to have a charity concert at the Rathskellar linked Student Activity Funds with a charity in ways the SFB could not approve, and the club had revised that in its new request.


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