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Res. Life positions available

Applications are due Dec. 1 for student staff positions in Residence Life (Res Life). Positions, including Community Advisor (CA), Community Coordinator (CC), House Assistant (HA) or Student Manager in Residence (SMR).

Students need a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, good disciplinary standing and at least one semester’s experience living at the College.

To be a CA or an SMR, applicants must be of sophomore status by fall of 2004. CCs and HAs need to be of junior or senior status in the fall.

Applications include general information about who a student is, a list of co-curricular activities and anticipated commitments for fall 2004 and spring 2005, two reference forms, an affirmative action form and a description of what to expect from each position.

A selection committee reviews all applications and references, and on Jan. 19, 2004, letters go out to applicants selected for interviews.

Interviews are held Feb. 7 and 8 in both group and individual sessions. SMR and CC decision letters are mailed Feb. 16 and CA letters are sent Feb. 17.

All positions receive credit toward their room and board fees determined on a yearly basis.

CA’s received $5,329 this year.

Most staff members receive a stipend, ranging from $2,625 for SMRs to $2,000 for CAs and CCs.

HAs are paid an hourly rate for work in the townhouse offices.

New staff must attend a training seminar for seven weeks, two hours a week. Returning staff must serve on committees and attend committee meetings.

Students must sign the Student Staff Code of Ethics which binds staff to the policies of the College and ResLife concerning alcohol, academics and behavior. A minimum two weekends on campus per month is required. CAs have office duty 11-12 times per semester and must assist in all fire drills, emergency situations and the opening and closing of residence facilities for vacation periods.

Other duties are involved with each position and vary from the level of interaction expected with residents for CCs and HAs.

Robbins said the interviews could become a deciding factor whether or not an applicant is taken.

In a question-and-answer portion, CA Alicia Moorer, junior elementary-ed math science and technology major, told her group that keeping a positive relationship with your residents was essential but to “always remember there’s a line between you and them.”

According to Robbins, many applicants who are not chosen for a CA position may choose to apply for a PA role in the spring.


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