Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Can we get a day off?

Four years of experience has led us to one very important conclusion: The College will stop at nothing to rob us of our coveted “days off.”

As if it wasn’t travesty enough packing the bookbags and dragging ourselves to class on Martin Luther King Jr. Day – a day which, for all intents and purposes, should be spent reflecting and remembering – this Monday all plans for a snow day were thoroughly foiled.

First the prediction of a major storm lit the fires of hope.

Then, as if someone had heard the prayers of students across the state, Codey called a state of emergency fanning the flames.

But what did our fine institution of higher learning do for us? Yanked the rug mercilessly from beneath!

And so, broken and forlorn we dug our way out of residence halls and climbed reluctantly into cars for a longer-than-normal commute and the possibility of a snowy car crash.

Area schools were closed, back roads remained unplowed and students at the College were left wondering … why?


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