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library display one week only

An artistic display on “Non-verbal Communication” is now being exhibited in the lobby of the Library. Haven’t seen it? Better hurry. Alas, it will only be on display until Monday March 21st, or possibly the 23rd. The exhibit was mounted by the members of WR102, section 11. The display consists of important textiles used as non-verbal expression in a variety of cultures. The exhibit is colorful and fun, but also asks probing questions.

A comparison can be made between an exhibit and a term paper. To succeed, both need a clear theme or topic. The objects on display may be compared to the arguments or exhibits in a paper. The sequence in which objects are displayed or arguments made can determine the reaction of the viewer. Both exhibit and term paper can answer questions as well as raise new questions. If there is no research, then the exhibit and the paper are less convincing. The library exhibit, while small, will hopefully succeed by entertaining and informing the TCNJ community about non-verbal communication using textiles. It is a little gift from our WR102 section to everyone at TCNJ. We hope it pleases. Sincerely, David
Bosted, WR102 instructor


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